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8/1/21 – Kevin and Normand’s Live Streamed Wedding



Normand et Kevin vous invites pour leur cérémonie de mariage le premier Aout à 5 heures de l’après-midi.

Nous sommes heureux de partager ce beau moment avec vous tous.

La famille est très importante dans notre vie.

Je vous remercie de m’avoir accepté et je vous aime.

Normand et Kevin


Normand and Kevin invite you for their wedding ceremony on August 1st at 5pm in the afternoon.

We are happy to share this beautiful moment with all of you.

Family is very important in our life.

Thank you for accepting us. We love you.

Normand and Kevin


8/1/21 – Kevin and Norman’s Live Streamed Wedding


Scott Peck in his book “The Road Less Traveled” spoke of grace.

He said everyone experiences grace multiple times each day in their lives.

The difference between one person and another is that one recognizes, embraces and enjoys

The grace that comes to their lives while another person remains unaware of its presence.

Miracles are much like that, they occur regularly in our lives but often go unnoticed.

Many of us in this room today are miracles ourselves and know the joy of miracles.

We are each fortunate enough to be able to acknowledge and embrace that big miracle in our lives.

It has made us more aware of daily little miracles and therefore more grateful.

Today we are witnessing another big miracle.

Two people have somehow found each other and the love and companionship

For which they had both long hoped.

We are indeed fortunate that they are sharing their miracle with us.


Kevin and Normand — two men from different continents. Kevin’s early roots stem from the quaint, former acclaimed spa town of Mallow located in County Cork, Ireland. Normand celebrated his early life in historic, French-speaking Quebec City, the provincial capital of Quebec, Canada. As young men, they had dreams of better opportunities… and as they grew up, they stepped into adventures that would help them attain those wonderful dreams.

Both traveled the world, experiencing and expanding their consciousness, as well as their sheer joy of being of service to others. They opened their hearts and allowed themselves to unfold the love from within and expressed that love to others along their journeys. At times they felt heartache, and at times they felt exhilarated, knowing that Life is always moving forward.

In 1984, Normand arrived in the United States to partake in an entertainment show at the iconic Konover Hotel in Miami, Florida… while twenty-one years ago, Kevin came to America, setting up a residence in Lauderhill, Florida, to continue expanding his dreams. Fast forward to many years later.

One day Kevin set up an appointment for a skincare treatment and massage to relax and unwind at Normand’s men’s day spa. During Kevin’s wellness experience, he and Normand realized that there was a connection between them… and over time, they developed a close friendship. They began dining out and frequently saw theater movies together. As well, they enjoyed home-cooked cuisine specially prepared by Kevin. In due course, they both realized there was more to this companionship; so they took the leap and allowed their TRUE LOVE for one another to develop.

Today, Kevin and Normand are uniting in marriage as they embody their love for each other. As they move forward in Life, may they continue to explore and expand as a devoted and loving couple in their American Dream.

August 1, 2021

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