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How To Start Wedding Planning In Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas

How To Start Wedding Planning In Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas


Did your partner just propose?  Feeling overwhelmed by thinking about your wedding soon? Don’t be! Before you get too excited into diving into the wedding planning in Dallas Ft. Worth and booking that venue, take a pause. Here, we’ll share a number of amazing tips on how you can start wedding planning in Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas!

How To Start Wedding Planning In Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas

Yes, there might be tons of tasks you got in mind, but our list below will give you the must-dos. Ready to switch into the planning mode? Follow these tips:

  1. Bask in your engagement moment

Never let the pressure or excitement of wedding planning make you skip the beautiful time of being engaged. Take all your time and enjoy every moment with your fiancé or fiancée. It’s a stage to be cherished. Breathe in and out all the joy and love you’re feeling and stare at that beautiful engagement ring. Take pictures of yourself with the engagement ring. Write down your engagement in detail. Contemplate the beautiful things ahead of you. Take the time and make your engagement something more special.

  1. Start the planning with a vision board

One of the best ways to visualizing your ideal wedding much better is by creating a vision board. At the same time, this could be something that both you and your partner will enjoy doing! For your vision board, you can use Instagram, Pinterest, or local magazines to collect some inspirations. From there, you can get ideas about your wedding’s theme, color palette, or aesthetic details you want to include on your big day. Just ensure to choose the style that reflects you and your partner’s relationship and personalities. Make it real!

  1. Set your budget

Events like weddings surely cost you beaucoup bucks. So if you don’t want to go in debt or get broke, make sure to settle for how much you can really afford. Don’t go for a dress, vendor, or venue that’s totally out of your range. Opt for those that’ll work within your budget. Ask your relatives or friends for any recommendations to make this task easier for you.

  1. Create your attendant list

Now for this, deciding whether you want the wedding to be a big party or a small intimate event is very much important. Doing so will help you to initially set a limit to the number of people you want to invite, as well as the ones you want to include in your entourage. Depending on the size of your wedding, choose how many members you want to include in your bridal party. For the wedding guest list, you can always just invite people closest to you and your partner, especially if it’s a very intimate wedding.

  1. Find a venue and set that date

So you already have an idea for your theme, a set budget, and a number of attendants, next thing you need to do is to search for the perfect venue! Remember those wedding venues typically act as the backdrops for the photos so make it count! Scour listings, shop around, schedule visits, and book that fabulous event place in Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas! Once you’ve signed the venue’s contract, you’ve officially got a date for your big day!

With these tips, perhaps you’re now ready to start with your wedding planning. With our services here at Complete Weddings + Events, we can make your big day more wonderful and memorable! From spontaneous wedding photos to perfectly captured wedding videos, we can customize and produce it for you. Contact our team for more details!

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If you’re planning a wedding in Dallas, then you’ve landed at the right place! Now that you’ve said YES to spending your life together, you have some exciting decisions ahead. At Complete Weddings + Events, planning Dallas wedding events is what we do best. We’re here to guide you through the planning process so you can enjoy the big decisions and leave the details to us.

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