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How To Honor Those Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding?

How To Honor Those Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding?


While your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life, there are many reasons why someone is unable to be part of your celebrations. Whether you are looking to honor a dear friend or family member who’s passed on, or there’s a guest who can’t travel to your wedding ceremony, keep reading to discover some of the best ways to honor those who can’t attend your big day.

How To Honor Those Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding?

Save Them a Seat

One of the most sentimental ways you can honor a loved family member or friend who can’t be at your wedding is by saving them a seat. You could add a sign to show who the seat is reserved for or add shoes or a hat that reminds you of the person. By giving them a seat of honor, you can be sure everyone will think of them during your celebrations.

A Table of Photos

If you have multiple people who are unable to attend your wedding ceremony, consider setting up a table of photos. This is a great way to introduce friends to your family members who can’t be with you on your wedding day. This is a touching way to celebrate your loved ones. If you don’t fancy making such a public showcase at your wedding, consider carrying a photo of them in a locket or your pocket.

Wear Something They Gave You

A lovely way to remember someone who can’t be at your wedding ceremony is to wear something they gave you. This could be a piece of jewelry, an accessory, or something more creative. There are many ways to incorporate someone else into your wedding outfit or decorations. This is also a lovely way to know they are with you every step of your journey.

Use One of Their Favorite Recipes

For anyone who has a family member that loves to cook or bake, why not add their favorite recipe to your wedding reception? You could bake your grandma’s famous cake and add it to your dessert spread or choose their favorite entrée for your sit-down meal. A favorite recipe is a simple way to remember those who can’t be with you. You might also consider adding a note to your menu to share who the dish is a reminder of.

Add a Note to Your Wedding Program

Not everyone wants to create such a public display when it comes to remembering loved ones who can’t be at their wedding. Add a simple note to the bottom of your program to mention anyone who is missing if you don’t want to draw too much attention to this during your special day.

By following any of the ideas we’ve shared above, you can honor anyone who is unable to be at your wedding ceremony. Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life for your family and friends. Try to get everyone involved as much as possible. Your family and friends will enjoy remembering your loved ones as much as you do and will be touched by any of the gestures we’ve shared above.

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