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Top Wedding Reception Moments that Should Present Music

Top Wedding Reception Moments that Should Present Music


The wedding reception is arguably the best part of any wedding! Typically, there are several people that are drinking, dining, and dancing. There are different moments throughout the evening that need music and structure. One of the best reasons to hire a DJ is because they will act as the DJ but also an MC. Having someone at your wedding to not only play music but to make the announcements is HUGE! Here are a few moments when the DJ can present music to gain the attention of all your guests. After all, you are the reason they are at the wedding in the first place, the spotlight should be on you.

Grand Entrance

The biggest event during the night is the grand entrance. The grand entrance sets the tone for the rest of the evening. If you are walking into your party with an impeccable song that has your guests cheering, dancing, and on their feet, you did it right! Not only does it set the tone but it gives your guests something to look forward to after the dinner portion is over. It creates excitement and gives guests the energy to forge on with the evening. This is one event that you absolutely have to present music.

Cake Cutting

Cake cutting is one event during the reception that should have music. More often than not, we see the cake cutting right after the grand entrance. This allows the caterers to cut the cake with an ample amount of time. Since we are starting to see this more, it’s crucial to have a song that transitions nicely from the grand entrance into the cake cutting. That way it holds the attention of your guests and keeps the energy at an all-time high.

Garter Toss & Bouquet Toss

In some regards, having music for the garter and bouquet toss is a given. However, brides are given the unique opportunity to switch it up! Almost every wedding we hear ‘Single Ladies’ for the bouquet toss. There are so many women empowerment songs to do the bouquet toss too! The same goes for the garter toss. Finding new songs for these events is what makes weddings memorable. Choosing new songs will also inspire future couples to do the same.

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