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There are few things as imperative to a successful event as music. Even when the food is delicious, the venue is stunning, and the turnout is great, the soundtrack to the event can make or break the atmosphere. When it comes to creating the perfect mood, there’s nothing quite like a professional event DJ. These experts know exactly how to keep the rhythm going throughout the event and ensure everyone is having a great time.

With Complete Weddings + Events on your side, finding the perfect wedding DJs in Columbia, MO is easy. Leave the details and planning to us so you can enjoy your big event!

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Questions for Your Wedding DJs Columbia MO

As you prepare to make a decision on which events DJ in Columbia to hire, it’s worth considering a few important factors. For one, you’ll want to decide on the mood you’re hoping to create. A disc jockey without any instruction on what to play may opt to play their own personal favorites – which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your outlook!

Be sure to ask each candidate for their vision for the event and see how they handle your feedback. While you’re at it, consider posing each of these questions to prospective DJ hires:

  • How will you add to the experience?

Music has a way of setting the tone for an event. Walking into an event space feels very different when there is classical music playing versus rock or hip hop. This can be especially true when hiring a corporate event DJ instead of a wedding DJ. Ask your DJ how they intend to create a mood with their playlist, and how their vision for the atmosphere aligns with your own to create the best possible experience.

  • What experience do they have?

Disc jockeys often have complex backgrounds, working in the streets with up-and-coming musicians while also performing sets at local events and parties. Ask each DJ you meet with about their experience.

How many years have they been at it? Have they worked on your kind of event before? How confident are they in their ability to achieve your goals for the evening?

Whether you’re searching for someone to get folks dancing or provide emcee services for the party, it’s a good idea to ask about each candidate’s background.

  • How do they feel about song requests?

Guests generally love the chance to request their favorite songs and tear up the dance floor. Some DJs, however, prefer not to take song requests, especially if they’re working towards a specific goal or mood. If you feel strongly one way or another about song requests, be sure to ask your DJ about their policy. It’s also worth creating a list of songs you need played during the event, and any songs you don’t want to hear that day!

  • Who will work your event?

When sitting down to chat about options with a local DJ company, the person you meet with may not necessarily be the DJ who works your event. Clarify this before agreeing to work with anyone. Know who to expect, whether they’ll bring along an assistant, and if there is a safety net in place should the DJ drop out unexpectedly.

If you have a specific vision for the attire of vendors working your event, be sure to ask about their uniform policy, too! Control for surprises whenever you can, and you’ll have a more relaxed experience on the day of your event.

  • What technical needs do DJs have?

Electrical outlets are in serious demand at parties, so it’s a good idea to ask about the needs of the DJ while you’re still in the planning phases. A top-notch DJ should be able to give you an idea of how much space their equipment will take up and where in your venue is the best location for them to set up.

Finding The Best DJs in Columbia, MO for Your Wedding or Event

With a million decisions to make for your event, it might be tempting to dial up the first search result for an event or wedding DJ in Columbia, Missouri near me and hire them on the spot. The downside? Not every professional DJ service is appropriate for every kind of event.

If you’re hoping to plan a one-of-a-kind party with music catered to your theme and formality level, you’re going to want to find a special event DJ in Columbia, MO with experience working your type of event. Your event is special, and we think the person you select to DJ the party should be special, too!

Why Choose a Complete Weddings + Events DJ? 

Successful parties don’t happen by accident. At Complete Weddings + Events, we know the value of planning ahead. It’s why we work hard to provide the kind of seamless service we’d want for our own events – easy, detailed, and of course, fun! Finding the Columbia DJ that’s right for your event should be exciting, which is why we’re so eager to connect our clients with quality entertainers.

Complete Interactive

Complete Weddings + Events DJs now offers Complete Interactive, fun, fresh activities to get all your wedding guests involved! For each custom interactive wedding experience, we use online platforms and digital interaction to level up your wedding reception with a couples questionnaire, trivia, a song selection poll, and social media wall.

Learn more about Complete Interactive to see what sets Complete Weddings + Events DJs in Columbia, MO apart!

Complete Weddings + Events – DJs in Columbia, MO

Of course, our services don’t stop there. In addition to our DJ options, we can also help you find the ideal photographer and videographer for your party, or rent a photo booth for your guests to enjoy. When it comes to getting the party started to create a memorable event, Complete Weddings + Events has you covered!


“Hired a DJ and a photographer. Matt the photographer was great. Very timely and professional. Great photos. Everyone loved the DJ Justin. He was so much fun and he really took the time to make all the guest involved and dancing. Him and I even had a dance off! And he sent us a really nice thank you card after the event. Highly recommend!” – Allison B. 

“Amazing customer service. They answered all of my questions and were very accommodating. Joe was our DJ and you could never ask for a better one. He was phenomenal. Absolutely fun to hang out with, danced with us and made the party lively, even played some songs specifically for the kids. I wish there were a better way to put into words how amazing he was. If you are looking for a DJ, you need Joe. He wasn’t just a DJ, he became a friend. We will be referring him to everyone.” – Maggie S. 

“Complete weddings and Events was our DJ, up lighting, photo booth and photography for our wedding and they did such a great job! Our DJ Joe Northern keep everyone entertained and dancing all night (including making sure the wedding party had their food and needed any drinks all night!! Our photographer Julian Bandalos brought a lot of excitement and created a great day for our wedding party and family. He was super easy to work with and willing to get whatever photos we wanted! My husband and I, along with our guests were very happy with our choice of Complete Weddings and Events, and would 100% recommend them if you want a fun and memorable – best day of your life:) We also had many compliments because of this from our guests!” – Kaitlin K. 

“Missy was our DJ for our wedding and she was incredible! She made the evening so much fun and really went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time. I would highly recommend her!” – Jessi B. 

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