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Should I Hire a Wedding Coordinator?


Are you stuck wondering if you should hire a wedding coordinator? Do you think that you can plan and organize the details on your own? To be completely honest, organizing and planning for a wedding does seem like a doable task for one person. However, there are plenty of reasons why to hire a coordinator. There are many things that come up in planning that you never even thought to worry about. A coordinator is going to be there to remind you of those things and to help with timing when the wedding gets off schedule. Here are reasons why you absolutely should hire a wedding coordinator.

Should I Hire a Wedding Coordinator?


In many cases, there are small “emergencies” at every wedding. Imagine you are about to walk down the aisle and one of the bridesmaids accidentally steps on your dress and leaves a stain. Well, a coordinator will have stain remover to get rid of that stain ASAP. Picture this scenario, a flower girl is nowhere to be found and you are about to walk down the aisle. The coordinator will track down the flower girl and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. There are several different types of “small emergencies” but that is the coordinator’s job to handle them, not yours.

Vendor Coordination

Coordinators will call, email, text, and begin communicating with all vendors prior to the event. They will coordinate with other vendors and not only introduce themselves but start formulating a timeline After finalizing the wedding day timeline, there will be not a minute uncounted for. This timeline will include the time that all vendors arrive at the venue and a timeline for the bridal party to follow throughout the day. This timeline will only set you and all the vendors up for success.

Wedding Coordinator Day Of Duties


Many times the coordinator will be onsite overseeing the setting up. It is the coordinator’s job to fix any of the decors that is not placed correctly. This requires an in-depth meeting with your coordinator. They will find out what you are bringing, what any decor vendors are bringing, and the placement of every single decor item. Now I know that is not something you want to worry about on your big day.

Time Keeper

The official term I like to call Coordinators is a timekeeper. Sure, all weddings and events get a little bit off track in terms of timing. This is why we create timelines. It is the coordinator’s job to feel out the crowd and know when to start toasts, cake cutting, and special dances. Having a coordinator will keep you on track and enjoy the day. The coordinator will stick to the timeline and set everyone up for success.

The Details

As I mentioned before, coordinators create the timelines. Believe it or not, no matter how organized you are, things can still go array the day of the wedding. Having a coordinator to help with those things is key. You should be enjoying the lovely company of the guests that decided to celebrate this special day with you. You spent hours upon hours envisioning and bringing your dreams to life. This is your time to enjoy that day. Allow yourself the luxury of having a coordinator. It’s the least you can do for yourself and your wedding day.

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