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What is a Fish Eye Photo Booth?

What is a Fish Eye Photo Booth?


We all know about photo booths at weddings. Photo booths provide options for your guests in terms of! Most photo booths come with cool props, lighting, backdrops, etc. Well, I want to introduce to you…. the FISH EYE photo booth. The fish eye photo booth has been widely popular in the St. Louis area. The photo booth has an amazing camera and the best quality photo strips! This photo booth will add an extra element of fun to your reception. Below are some amazing examples of why we love the fish eye photo booth and why we think you will like it too!



What is a Fish Eye Photo Booth??

Fish Eye is a lens on the camera.  It’s an ultra-wide-angle lens that produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image. Fish Eye lenses get extremely wide angles of view, hence why you can see more of your venue or the party in the background of the photos in the photos, AND typically fit more people in the frame.

Some of our couples aren’t sure whether they want a Photo Booth or not, and that’s totally understandable. It’s an added expense, but think of this…people spend so much time, money and effort in getting wedding gifts/favors for their guests. Some of those gifts/favors don’t even end up making it home with your guests, which feels super crummy. With a photo booth, it is a built in party gift. One that people like to participate with, and will always bring home to hang on the fridge.

Why Fish Eye?

We love this style of photo booth because you can fit a lot of people into one photo. Check out the photos below of larger groups. Everyone’s faces are super clear and visible thanks to the high-resolution camera we use. In contrast, the smaller groups turn out amazing too, and it showcases your venue/party in the background! It really is great for all groups – big and small. It’s also great to showcase your venue or the space you are hosting the event in since so much of the background is seen in the final print.

The main reason this is such an amazing option for a photo booth is the FILTER. If you notice there is a slightly blurred effect that is on the photos. Check out the faces of the guests…no sweat, blemishes, or fine lines! We wish this filter could follow us around in real life all the time, but it’s especially helpful for later in the night when you started sweating your make off, on the dance floor.

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