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Seating for Social Distancing


We here at Complete are really excited to begin doing events again. Right now weddings are looking a little different than before and we are making adjustments as needed and planning accordingly. With one of the biggest adjustments being seating and social distancing. 


There are a couple of quick fixes that come to mind when thinking about seating charts for your reception. First, make several charts and spread them around the entrance to allow social distancing for your guests. Second, since each household should be at their own table, create large signs to direct your guests to their table. You even have the option of staggering arrival times by 10 to 15 minutes so everyone doesn’t show up at the same time. 

For the bride and groom instead of having a large wedding party table you might want to consider a sweetheart table. Not only does this allow you to social distance and lets your wedding party sit with their family. Then instead of sitting your guests at the standard 10 person large round tables, consider doing smaller tables for two, four, or six guests. Creating a small pod of people would take a little more planning on your part but it allows people to sit with their spouse or a smaller family grouping. Work with your venue to find the best use of the space and ways they have been making adjustments to stay in compliance.

Some other options are to use long tables and have guests use single side seating (no one is facing each other). You could also use lounge furniture in place of traditional chairs (think fancy parlor). This allows more social distancing while offering an elegant feeling. A final solution is to break down the tables quickly after dinner and encourage spreading out by your guests, mingling.

Finally, encourage your guests to wear masks (it is the law in some places) and practice social distancing. Our DJs will be monitoring the volume level of the music so people can stay 6 feet apart and still be able to carry on a conversation.

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