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Reception Requirement: Peoria Wedding DJ


The most cringe-worthy sentence to any experienced wedding vendor is, “my friend is actually DJing my wedding”. Yikes. When an inexperienced friend DJs your wedding, you’re most likely going to save money, but it could be at the expense of an amazing evening. DJs are the reason wedding receptions sink or swim, and here are a few reasons you should consider a Peoria Wedding DJ.

Reception Requirement: Peoria Wedding DJ

What Is the DJ Responsible For?

First off, a Peoria Wedding DJ is responsible for running the show all night long, including equipment and lighting set-up to the toasts, cake cutting, first dances, etc. Without a professionally trained wedding DJ, you may end up with someone who just enjoys music and is inexperienced in running a wedding. Honestly, they may be completely unaware their responsibilities go far beyond just playing great music! Professional wedding DJs know how to run the entire reception smoothly and will make sure the night you planned goes exactly how you envisioned.

Along with running the order of events, a DJ must command a room so all your guests are on the same page in order to keep the night moving the way it was planned. By not knowing how to take control of a wedding reception, a DJ will likely end up shoveling off the responsibility of running things over to the bride and groom. It is, after all, the bride and groom’s reception, and if the DJ who was paid to do it can’t perform, then the pressure is put on the married couple to keep dinner lines, speeches, and first dances moving.

How Does This Affect Your Wedding?

Most couples are a bit unsure of why they would need a professional DJ, mostly because they don’t know how their wedding might look with that DJ rather than without. With a real, professional DJ, your wedding will feel and flow so much differently. With a professional Peoria wedding DJ, you’ll actually be able to sit back and simply ENJOY your own wedding rather than run it.

Everything from being able to relax and enjoy dinner to being unable to leave the dancefloor with your friends and family, everyone will easily be able to tell the difference. A professional DJ will run the wedding smoothly and even your wedding video and photos are going to be that much better since the DJ will keep each other vendor on the same page.

Avoiding Wedding Issues

Medical emergencies, power outages, mix-ups with wedding vendors, uninvited guests… There still is no way to make wedding days immune to the accidents and craziness life throws at us. An experienced, professional DJ has been through many unfortunate situations and can power through any event with ease. This not only keeps you calm, but most of your guests won’t even notice when you have calm, confident vendors moving things right along.

If you get a bad cake, you have a bad cake, but if you get a bad wedding DJ, you have a bad reception. It’s well worth the money to get a good DJ, and make sure your wedding reception is the best you could imagine it to be! We can’t wait to make your reception as perfect as possible. 🙂

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Author: Connor Maas

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