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How To Choose: One Photographer or Two?


Alright, so you’re engaged, have your venue, and some of your vendors, but now you’re stuck; how to choose between having one photographer or two. There’s a couple of different factors that go into making this decision, and Complete Weddings + Events is here to help! We’ve photographed hundreds of weddings, and our photographers have the experience to help you make your decision! Check out some of the biggest factors that determine to choose One Photographer or Two.

Getting ready somewhere separate from your bride/groom to be? 

Then we definitely recommend having two photographers. By having two Complete Weddings + Events photographers, one can be with the bride and her ladies getting ready, while the second photographer can be with the groom and his guys. This is one of the biggest factors that goes into deciding between one and two photographers!

Having a first look with your dad/mom/soon-to-be husband?

We highly suggest having a second photographer. While yes, we have had first looks at weddings with only one photographer, and the photos look amazing, it’s sometimes best to be safe rather than sorry in that situation. There’s no way to feel that raw emotion again after seeing your daughter/soon-to-be wife for the first time in her dress!

Have a large wedding party and/or families?

Sometimes two photographers is best. If the group is large (more than 15 people), then one photographer can focus on taking the photo, and the second can work on making sure everyone looks perfect. This also works when there is a large extended family, as the second photographer can organize the next set of people who are going to be in the photos.

More comfortable with a male or female photographer?

Complete Weddings + Events is able to provide a team! If you know that you’d be more comfortable with a female photographer during those getting ready photos in the bridal suite, but think the guys would be weirded out by it, there’s no reason to have to choose! We can provide a male/female team for your wedding day that will help make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.

Have a tight time limit between ceremony and reception? 

Two photographers can help cut back on taking up too much time. One photographer can capture the shots while the second photographer directs posing, lighting, etc. Another advantage of two photographers is that one can continue on to the reception, while the other can stay with the wedding party and take some quick pics before that grand entrance!



No matter if you choose to have one photographer or two, make sure to contact Complete Weddings + Events to capture your happiest moments!

Author: Liana Sharp

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