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Micro Weddings

Micro Wedding Packages in Baton Rouge

Micro wedding packages in Baton Rouge are similar to packages for a traditional wedding, just on a way smaller scale. While traditional weddings typically have 100+ guests, small weddings host less than 50. Most micro weddings are in the range of 15 to 25 guests.


Micro Wedding Packages in Baton Rouge

Complete Weddings + Events offers couples a MicroMony, a micro wedding package in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and surrounding areas, to easily host your micro ceremony and reception locally. The MicroMony package includes wedding services for an intimate wedding ceremony and reception with 50 guests or less. Contact us and begin creating your perfect wedding day package!

• Videography – professional videographer and either a highlight reel of the event or a video documentary of the full ceremony
• DJ – Ceremony and reception sound, music, and emcee
• Live Stream – Ceremony is lived broadcasted to your guests who are not on location

Complete Weddings + Events is a leading provider of event and wedding planning. This includes wedding photographyvideographylightingDJ services & photo booth rental in Louisiana.

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Micro Wedding Benefits

Unlike an elopement (a bride and groom’s secretive ceremony), couples having a micro wedding do invite close friends and family to attend! While the guest list is limited, this doesn’t necessarily mean the wedding is anything less than amazing. Typically, with just an intimate event, these can be even more elaborate than a traditional wedding. Hosting a micro wedding can help you bring your true wedding dreams to life for less! Micro wedding packages in Baton Rouge give your budget more freedom to add that special something to your big day that you simply could not fathom providing for 200 or 300 people.

Similar to traditional weddings, micro weddings can still include the following:

  • ceremony
  • dinner and dessert
  • decor and florals
  • dancing
  • activities
  • entertainment

Intimate Event

Limiting the guest list to only the people who have supported you and your fiancé’s relationship from the beginning is truly a benefit! There’s no need to invite your mother’s coworkers or your long-lost high school bestie, only your dearest loved ones are to be in attendance at the wedding venue.

More Meal Options

When you’re not feeding the masses, you have a wider range of meal options for your guests. Chicken is always a great option for huge weddings since it holds well, but you can think outside of the box when feeding a smaller group of people! Splurge on fine dining or simply choose your favorite restaurant which may not offer catering, but accommodate your smaller guest list.

Cost-friendly and Customized

With less to entertain, accommodate and feed, the overall price tag can drop significantly. With more budget, there’s more room to customize your special day to your liking. If you’re looking to splurge on a customized catered meal, extravagant floral centerpieces, top-shelf cocktails, or unique wedding favors, you can still get crafty to save money in the end when the guest list is limited.

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