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Engagement Rings Upcoming Trends

Engagement Rings Upcoming Trends


It’s time to RING in the new year! With the 2020 holiday season ending, we are anticipating this year’s upcoming popular trends with engagement rings. We have done some research from local Baton Rouge jewelers just in time for the new year season. Get your secret Pinterest board ready. We promise not to tell!

Engagement Rings Upcoming Trends

3-Stone Rings

The multi-stone rings are back in full swing. And we are not just talking about your mom’s 3 stone ring with simple baguettes. We’re talking 3 big stones with differing or same cuts that are sure to make a statement.



Heirloom and Vintage

Obviously, vintage and heirloom rings have been popular for decades, but we are seeing designers begin to simplify the overall design of them. They’ve begun to shift the focus to the center stone rather than the intricate deco designs. These unconventional pieces feel out-of-the-box at times and classic at others, but we assure you they are just as much about withstanding the test of time while also being forward-thinking.



Yellow Gold

To continue on the vintage train, platinum and white gold bands have been at the top of the popularity charts for years, but yellow gold is making a comeback. Gold bands go well with both traditional diamonds and colored gems, while also adding a vintage feel.


The simple solitaire is back on top, ladies. Realistically, it never went out of style, but over the course of the last few years, more dramatic cuts and styles have taken center stage. But as of recent, brides are desiring the elegance and austerity of this timeless style. We believe 2021 brides are loving all things feel good, classic, and no-hassle amidst all of the COVID-19 madness.

New Halos

Jewelry designers have grown tired of the old and traditional pavé halo surrounding a center diamond and have decided to spice things up a bit. From fanned out crowns to starbursts, these new halo designs are anything but a classic for engagement rings.

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