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Don’t Make These Wedding Planning Mistakes in Austin, Texas

Wedding Day Must Haves in Austin, TX


It’s the day before the big day. You are stressed; your partner is stressed. Family and friends ask for requests that have questionable answers. You and your partner want to make sure you have everything from dresses to suits and little things here and there. Well, we have crafted a must-have checklist that can help bring the stress to a minimum and anxiety non-existing.

1. Marriage License

You will need your officiant to sign your license to be legal in the US. They can be a friend, a judge, or pastor.

2. The Rings

Don’t want to be standing at the alter and not have the rings.

3. Cash Envelopes For The Vendors

If you are wanting to tip the individual vendor that came out and help make your wedding special. You’ll want to ensure to bring envelopes to give vendors at the end of the event.

4. A Change of Shoes

Let’s be honest ladies, heels are women’s worse nightmare, but beautiful in pictures. You as the bride will want to bring comfortable shoes for the dance floor. Groom, you can do the same. No one will judge comfortable shoes with a nice suit on the dance floor. You can offer your wedding party the same option after the ceremony and pictures.

5. Setting Spray

Setting spray is the finishing touch to set the makeup in. Hold it in place against tears and sweat.

6. Makeup

Any person that loves makeup has a brand of makeup that works best for their skin and they are in love with. It’s best to bring your own, but ensure your wedding party is ready too. Knowing their favorite brand of makeup and having a little bit with them can help ensure easy mistakes like that are solved before they become a problem.

7. Phone Chargers + Adapters

There will always be that one person in the wedding party that doesn’t have their phone charger on them. Having extra chargers on hand can ease their mind which will ease your mind as the bride or groom. Also, having phone adapters with headphone jacks will help you and the DJ out. Assuming a DJ has an adapter with them can cause issues during announcements if the song was recorded on a person’s phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack.

8. Outside gear

Ceremonies outside are beautiful, but be ready for the weather not to be on your side. You will want to have bug spray, sunscreen, and aloe vera for you and your guests. It may make the area smell like the beach, but safety from bugs and sun waves should prioritize over the sweet smell of lavender flowers. For aloe vera, you’ll want to provide the gel, not lotion. It’s very cheap and small amounts go a long way. Far as sunscreen, bring some for the guest that forgot their own, but informing guests that they will be outside will help them better prepare for your special day.

9. Wedding Emergency Kits

Wedding kits that have sewing materials, painkillers, and bandaids to start with would be helpful. Venues should have emergency kits with bandaids and rubbing alcohol, but in case they don’t and an accident happens you are prepared to help your guests so you can all can go back to enjoying yourselves. To build a full emergency kit, check out this article about putting together a wedding kit. They have a whole list to put together ahead of time so you can just grab and go on your special day.

These are the nine important must-haves on your wedding day. You can build this list by yourself, with your partner, or with your wedding party. It will help ease your wedding party’s mind when helping build emergency kits since everyone is different. It will keep you as the couple at ease knowing you have what you need for yourselves and for your guests.

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