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Should You Have an Unplugged Wedding?


An unplugged wedding is one where all guests are asked to part with their phones for just a few hours. Whether you choose to simply ask them to keep it in their purses or pockets or set up a phone station, this can be a tall order nowadays. We’re basically walking cyborgs in this technology-obsessed society, we have our phones attached to us at all times. This is exactly why an unplugged wedding may be more necessary than ever. Let’s discuss how we can go about this in the most tasteful of ways.

Should You Have an Unplugged Wedding?

How to go about having an unplugged wedding:

Announce it. Over and over.

To really drill it in. On the invitation, in an email, on your website, in person, carrier pigeon, whatever. Make sure guests know far beforehand so they don’t walk in blindsided. You can do it kindly or make it a joke, depending on your personality. We’ve all become so adhered to our phones, especially those who feel passionately about social media and documenting their loved one’s lives. Implementing this rule will almost guarantee a more present, intimate, and focused ceremony. And more presence means more fun, more connection, and ultimately more memories. Something that everyone will appreciate in the long run.

Create a sign for guests

Having a cute little sign up asking guests to turn their phones off will remind them again before they make their way into the church or venue. Let them know that a professional photographer will be present and snapping pics all night long. Ensure them that they’ll receive access to these photos once they’ve been professionally edited and developed. You can also opt for the disposable camera method. Wedding guests, in particular, are loving this trend. Put a camera at each table and let your guests go wild. Once you get them developed, ask for two copies. One for you guys and one for your guests to relish in for life. Not only do guests have a blast with this nostalgia, but it’s also a cheap and easy way to keep them entertained while they’re thinking of their phones.

Include it on your wedding program card

Including a reminder on your program to refrain from taking pictures will add another layer of drilling it into your guest’s heads. Again, this can be done tastefully, kindly, and even with some humor sprinkled in. It doesn’t need to be a harsh and serious request. Simply stating that you want to share this unforgettable day with your loved one’s presence should be enough of an incentive. Additionally, you can have your best man, maid of honor, or clergy person announce it before the ceremony begins.

Pull out the basket

If you’re adamant about no pictures and no phones, it may be best to just go hands-on with it and physically remove the phones from your guest’s hands. Providing a station or basket for guests to relinquish their phones will ensure that they reign in their impulse. While this may seem severe, it’s a “no bs” way to enforce it. Just make sure you let them know they’re not absolutely required to give it up if it’s needed for business matters or emergencies of any kind.

Why it’s important to go unplugged

Opting for an unplugged wedding doesn’t just benefit you and your future spouse. Your photographer will feel room to breathe and won’t need to worry about other picture takers getting in the way of their money shot. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, guests will eventually feel like they can fully immerse themselves in the experience. When they’re not fixating on texting or snapping pics, they can focus on you and even forge new connections with other guests. A true win-win for everybody. With unplugging providing an overall more intimate experience, it will also transform it into a more emotional one. Considering that it’s one of the most important days of your life, you have every right to make it look exactly the way you’ve envisioned it. These tips should help you do it smoothly and gracefully.

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