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2021 Wedding Music Trends


When shopping for a home, a car, or even a dinner meal, most people like to customize. The same is usually true of the wedding music that gets played at your wedding. One impossible question for us to answer is “What kind of music do your DJs play?”. The best answer to that question is another question: ‘What kind of music will you be excited to dance to?’ For your 2021 event, you should want to customize your playlist. Here are three ways to make your event with our 2021 Wedding Music Trends.

2021 Wedding Music Trends

Your Grand Entrance should Match your Personality

The first thing most couples think of when it comes to a DJ is dance music. But remember, at a wedding only about a third to half of the night will be devoted to actual dancing. The rest will include your ceremony, background music during the cocktail hour and dinner, and ‘spotlight songs’ like the song your DJ plays for your wedding party’s entrance – AKA the ‘Grand Entrance’. Besides the song that your DJ plays, you and your fiancée should decide what kind of entrance fits you best. Would you prefer something high energy with scripted bios for each wedding party member like an NBA starting line-up? Or maybe something more low key with just the two of you? Once you’ve figured that out you can pick a song you love. Or leave that choice to the DJ. In that case, expect something upbeat and familiar like ‘Now That We Found Love’, ‘Timber’ or ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’.

Don’t Stress About Choosing Your First Dance Song

Choosing that one song that will forever be associated with your wedding song can be daunting. Please try to relax. Remember that any songs that don’t make the cut can still be put on your ‘Must Play Dance Songs’ list. According to Heather Taylor of withjoy.com, Haley Reinhart’s cover of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’, John Legend’s ‘All of Me’, ‘At Last’ by Etta James, and anything by Ed Sheeran are still popular choices. The best advice my wife and I received from a wedding planner was to set aside a date night when we could cook dinner at home. While dinner is cooking, make a toast to each other with your favorite drink then play your top three choices for your first dance song on a blue tooth speaker. One after the other. Then dance together. Right there in the kitchen. By the time the third song is finished playing (and sometimes before), you’ll know which song is your ‘Bride and Groom’s First Dance’.

Dance Music Should be Songs You (and Your Guests) Will Dance To

We want you to have a great time. Naturally, that means your DJ wants to (or should want to) play the music you love. Our online planning tools are just one way to tell us about your favorite artists, genres, and dance songs. As for your guests, many brides are asking their DJ to turn a popular line dance into an icebreaker that can get everyone dancing with you. Wouldn’t more people dance if you DJ actually showed them how? Another fun way to involve and engage your guests is by giving your DJ permission to accept dance requests that night. It can be scary, but the best wedding DJ can fit every request (if only for a few beats) into open dancing.

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