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Your Wedding Planning Budget: Should it Stay or Should it Go?


Earlier today I was chatting with a bride-to-be about pricing about her 2022 event. She was in the beginning stages of her wedding and needed to know how much she should expect to spend on her wedding. According to a 2019 market survey, the average couple spends just under $22,000 on their wedding in New Mexico. So where should you be putting your money? Here are two areas to splurge and two ways to save on your wedding.

Your Wedding Planning Budget: Should it Stay or Should it Go?


“The one thing I totally regret not splurging on was having a videographer,” said Shauna Pointer of Wedding Collective New Mexico. “We have really nice photos and a great album, but even to hear our voices or hear our vows would have been nice to share with our kids.” Like photography, video packages can offer a lot of options and be customized to fit your needs. Popular options to consider are live streaming, a video version of the engagement session (we call it the ‘Love Story’), or even a ‘Micro Wedding’.

For Complete Weddings + Events Coordinator, Courtney Faye, knowing what to splurge on depends on your answer to two questions. “I always ask my brides two questions,” said Courtney. “First, what are the top three things that are important to you. And second, name the three to five things that you remember from another wedding you’ve been to.  Whatever items both answers have in common is where you should splurge.”


An often-overlooked expense (of both time and money) is transportation. To avoid this expense, Katie James Watkinson of brides.com suggests hosting the ceremony and the reception in the same venue. “Doing so could save as much as $4,000 on transportation for the wedding party and guests,” said Katie.

Coordinator Courtney Faye would recommend you leave out the centerpieces. “They’re really not a memorable item. As long as there is something on your table (like a simple candle) your guests won’t remember what you spent all that money on.”

As the bride-to-be and I wrapped up our conversation about budget planning, one thought was perfectly clear: spend your money on what you love. After all, even though an expensive wedding could be awesome, it’s the marriage after the wedding day that really matters.

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