Unique Wedding Photo Booth Props

Unique Wedding Photo Booth Props


While your photographer will be busy taking candid shots of you as a couple, have you thought about how your wedding guests can be entertained? Among the variety of options you have or will be presented, creating a photo booth is one of the most fun and unique ones you can employ. Regarding unique wedding photo booth props, the options are limitless, as you can go with several themes and decorations to suit your needs.

To help you make a decision, we have compiled a list of unique photo booth props to inspire you as you plan your wedding day:

Set Up an Eyewear Station Close to the Booth

Glasses are a very versatile item and one of the best accessories you can include in your wedding photo booth. They come in several shapes and sizes, so make sure to stock a range of eyewear collections and display the glasses in decorated trays next to the booth. From leopard print to horn-rimmed glasses, provide your guests with a fun variety they can choose from.

Neon Signs

Being one of the most popular and unique photo booth props, your neon sign can come in various sizes and shapes to perfectly encapsulate your relationship. If you prefer a custom-designed photo booth sign, pick the colors and fonts that match your wedding aesthetics. Neon signs are statement props that will light up your booth and make it unique. For neon signs, you can include your wedding hashtag, the name of you and your partner, or any wedding slogan, really.

Add Confetti

Nothing says celebration more than confetti. Keep bowls of confetti nearby so your guests can toss them before the camera goes off. It’s a great way to bring some festivity to your photo booth. Depending on your preferences, you can use floral petals or colorful autumn leaves to make the experience even more special. Just be sure to use large pieces so they’re easy to reuse and clean up!

Use Framing

Make use of empty picture frames for your guests to use and pose with. Different frame sizes and shapes convey various photography styles and tones, so choose or create ones that correspond to the overall aesthetics.

Inflatable Props

These are the statement accessories that inspire fun and happiness. Your guests would love a blast-striking pose with an epic sword or a rubber ducky. Other inflatable props you can include are flower bouquets, champagne props, oversized diamond rings, boomboxes, and more.

Give a Theatrical Look

Decorate your photo booth to make it look like an opera house with red velvet curtains and stage lights. Help your guests set the scene by keeping theater props such as wigs, comedy masks, film trophies, director megaphones, or old-fashioned camera reels. You can also set a giant marquee board in the photo booth background that you can customize with your names and the wedding date.

Why Wedding Photo Booth Signs are a Must-Have

Using signs in photo booths can add an extra layer of fun and creativity to any event or gathering. These signs, often emblazoned with quirky and humorous messages or symbols, serve as fantastic props that encourage people to let loose, be silly, and express their personalities. Here’s why they are a fantastic addition to any photo booth:

  • Personal Expression: Signs provide an opportunity for people to convey their feelings, thoughts, or humor in a snapshot. From cheeky one-liners to heartfelt messages, these signs allow individuals to personalize their photos in a unique way.
  • Instant Entertainment: Signs inject instant entertainment into the photo-taking process. Holding up a sign can make even the most camera-shy person strike a pose and produce a memorable, candid moment.
  • Group Dynamics: Signs are particularly great for group photos. They encourage everyone to coordinate and create hilarious or heartwarming group messages that add a sense of togetherness.
  • Themed Events: For themed parties or events, signs can be customized to match the theme, enhancing the overall experience and making photos more memorable.
  • Photo Keepsakes: Guests often treasure these photo booth souvenirs, providing lasting memories of the event and a fun reminder of the good times had.
  • Interactive Fun: Signs encourage interaction as people decide who gets which sign and how to incorporate them creatively into their pictures. This collaborative aspect can result in amusing, spontaneous moments.

Signs in photo booths serve as interactive, creative, and entertaining accessories that amplify the joy of capturing memories. They give everyone, from introverts to extroverts, a reason to let their hair down and make a simple photo booth experience an unforgettable one.

No matter what kind of celebration you have, the right photo booth props will perfectly highlight your big day’s theme and make taking photos a fun experience. This will give your friends and family a unique opportunity to mingle in front of the camera. After all, nothing breaks the ice as a photo booth does!

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