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Guest Book Alternatives


One of the best ways to add some personalization to your wedding is through your guest book. If a traditional guest book seems too overdone for you, we have come up with some unique guest book alternatives for you to consider.

Guest Book Globe

If you and your fiance are known for traveling (or you plan on doing so in the future), consider having a globe as your guest book alternative. It’s great for so many reasons. One, it can easily become an accent piece in your home that will be a constant reminder of one of the best days of your life. The other of course is that it captured the signatures of all your favorite people.

Guest Book with Photos

What’s better than all your guest’s written messages? A photo to go along with it! Having each guest add a photo of themselves to a scrapbook with their signature and their personalized message is a great visual guest book of the night.

You can use a disposable camera, or Fuji makes the Fujifilm Instax which includes film for an instant picture. You can even take an old poster-sized frame and add string horizontally with clips for guests to hang their pictures.

Leave A Message

Sometimes written words don’t quite capture the essence and sincerity of messages from your guests. Instead of having your guests write you and your partner a message, what if they left you a message on a phone? That’s where FêteFone comes into play.

This unique way of having your guests remembered is making its way into weddings. You simply place the phone for your guests to use at any point during your wedding. They’ll pick up the phone, and their voice will be captured. The great thing about this is that you and your future spouse can listen to the messages on your anniversary.

Thanks for the Memories

However you decide to remember the guests that attend your wedding, make sure it goes along with your and your fiance’s taste. The biggest question to ask yourselves is, will you be able to put your guest book on display in your own home? Or will it be something you set aside on a bookshelf collecting dust for years to come?

Make a point to review the guest book each year to be flooded with love and memories again and again!

A Photo Booth

Photo booths allow guests to capture memories of the wedding in a unique and fun way. Guests can take photos with friends and family members, and the prints can serve as a keepsake from the special day. They provide entertainment for guests who want to take a break from dancing or socializing. Guests can take silly or serious photos, and the experience can be enjoyed by all ages.

Many photo booths offer the option to customize the photo strip design to match the theme or colors of the wedding. This adds a personal touch to the experience and can make the photos even more special. Check out Complete Weddings + Events photo booths here!

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A wedding guest book can be more than just a book! We have all of the wedding guest book alternatives for you to consider. Learn more about these alternatives at Complete Weddings + Events.

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