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Kara Paar

Kara Paar | Complete Weddings + Events | St. Louis Wedding Videographers

Why did you decide to become a videographer? 

I became a videographer because I enjoy things that are both creative and technical. I love being able to put my unique spin on something and create something great, but I also love being able to geek out on the technical side of things, different cameras and lenses and their features are really interesting to me. Combining both of these techniques allows me to be able to capture someone’s day with great skill. I got into wedding video specifically because I wanted to be able to work with people, I found that during my various part time jobs while in school; I enjoyed connecting with others. Wedding videography allows me to be creative, technical, and connect with others.
What is your favorite memory from an event you’ve shot? 
Recently after the Blues won the Stanley Cup, I had a Bride and Groom create their own version of the cup out of Bud Light cans. They pranced it around the dance floor while singing along to Gloria. I love seeing all the creativity and personal style couples bring to their special days!
What makes you or your work unique / stand out? 
I’m really tall for a girl (6ft) which literally makes me stand out! As you can tell I also like telling silly jokes and puns to keep you entertained during the day. As for my work, I am always trying out new techniques and mixing things up during the day. I love doing fun things with the bridal party!
What is your favorite part of the night? 
I love the moments when we get to take the Bride and Groom aside and do some video clips of just the two of them. It allows us to get away from the craziness of they day for a minute and just focus on the two that made this whole thing happen.
List one fun fact about you most people do not know: 
If you spend any amount of time with me you will know that I like to speed-solve Rubik’s cubes. On average I can solve it in about 25 seconds!

""They were very easy to keep in touch with. They listened to all of my needs and were very accommodating and professional." - Audra P.

"Everyone was so easy to get in touch with and I received answers right away! Alex, Brandy and Kara did an amazing job being with my guests and capturing our big day! Jay was great on the dance floor and definitely an outgoing DJ. I can’t wait to get the final photos and video of our big day!" - Natalie P.

"I enjoyed every minute of my wedding day! The DJ, photographer’s, videographer, and photo booth staff from complete were all so amazing and friendly! They did there absolute best to make my day perfect! Thank you!" - Melony H.

"Very friendly, very receptive to what I wanted! Great presence." - Erin G.

"All the staff was extremely attentive and I love that they personalized every moment just for us! They did not assume that we would follow all the traditions of the majority of weddings, but they made sure they understood our relationship to each other, our style, and were extremely open to creating a unique experience for both the bride/groom and all the guests. Could not recommend them more!!!" - Sara S.

"The video crew were super knowledgeable, and helped us relax and have a great time!" - Jake S.


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