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Wedding Vows: How to Write Them


Writing your wedding vows can be daunting. Just when we think writing vows were hard enough, you have to say them in front of a large audience. Of course, they are family and friends, but still!  If you are anything like me, the stage fright is real. Here are a few pointers on how to write vows. This will not only help impress the crowd but help ease the idea of having to speak in front of a large audience.

Step One: Finding Inspiration & Personality

Inspiration could come from anywhere that is special to you two as a couple.  It could be your favorite movie or your favorite song. Most importantly why do you love your significant other? When finding your inspiration, think about how saying your vows will make you feel. Are you wanting the vows to be romantic with a touch of humor, or just simply romance? Find how that person makes you feel, and how that impacts your life together. This will help make your vows personal and have a great tone. 

Start your vows off on the right foot by setting the scene. You can talk about your favorite memory, or your first impression when you and your significant other first met. This will help set the vibe for how you want the vows to begin.

Step Two: Write Down a Rough Draft

At this stage in the process, you can start to think about actually writing these feelings and thoughts on paper. What are you promising to your significant other? What are the most important vows you want your partner to know? This tends to be the time where the wedding vows get sappy. Grab the tissues! 

Step Three: The Editing Stage 

The third step is to fine-tune. During the editing process, make sure that the final message has meaning for you. You have an opportunity to share how you feel about your person! This not only will help set the tone for the evening but if you believe what you are saying it will make it easier to speak in front of a crowd.

Final Draft 

Now you will have vows that will make the crowd tear up, and your significant other truly know how you feel and what you are promising. And everything is smooth and flows well to set you up for success when your nerves are running high! We’ve got you!

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Author: Cassidy Bringle

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