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The First Looks


There are so many ways to do a first look, but first, what even is a first look? A first look is exactly how it sounds: the first time you see the bride all dressed up in her gown. This can be before the wedding ceremony or right as she is walking down the aisle. This blog will discuss various first looks from the bridesmaids to the father of the bride, and most commonly – the groom.

Bridesmaids’ The First Look

The bridesmaids’ first look is such a special moment for the bride and the girls involved. This is the first chance the bridesmaids get to see the bride in her gown with all her accessories before the ceremony.  These ladies are some of the bride’s closest, and longest friends. All the reactions are a possibility, maybe a scream, hug, all filled with an immense amount of joy.

Their reactions will give the bride so much confidence and can be the best photo op. It’s such a special moment that makes everyone realize “wow this is actually happening.” You will not find a room that is as full of love and support as you will in that bridal suite.

Father of the Bride’s First Look

The father of the bride’s first look is one of the most sentimental moments for both the bride and the father. He gets to see his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time before the wedding ceremony.

Most importantly with just the two of them sharing the moment. A special time for them to share, maybe get some advice, and he can feel proud of the woman his daughter has grown up to be. This moment is beyond meaningful and will be a memory the two of them share for the rest of their lives. The two might cry, laugh, hug, and just simply cherish the moment together!

The Groom’s First Look

The groom’s first look is typically what most people think of when they hear the words “first look.” It can take place before the wedding, or they can wait till the ceremony when the bride walks down the aisle. There are pros and cons to both, as well as a personal preference. If you want the moment to be public and in front of the wedding party and all the guests, then definitely wait till the ceremony.

Sometimes waiting for the ceremony will make the moment even more special. On the other hand, if you want to have a private moment with just the bride and groom, then plan sometime aside for that. A pre-ceremony first look allows the bride and groom to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment without any stress from the wedding.

It’s also a good opportunity to calm the couple’s pre-wedding nerves. A private, planned first look lets the bride and groom be emotional without anyone watching. Such a beautiful moment where a groom can see the love of his life dressed in a wedding gown before the big “I do”!

All three of these first looks are so important for various reasons. The reaction of the bridesmaids, father, and the groom all will show the bride how much she is loved by her close family and friends. An important thing to remember is no matter how or where you do the first look, it will be a special moment cherished forever!

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Author: Cassidy Bringle

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