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Things You Will Regret Not Doing on Your Rochester, MN Wedding Day

Things You Will Regret Not Doing on Your Rochester, MN Wedding Day


Your wedding day can go by in such a flash and before you know it you’re boxing up the wedding cake and trying to find your phone before you ride off in your newly decorated car that reads “just married”. With everything happening so fast, it’s extremely important to get the most out of your Rochester, MN wedding day and truly enjoy it for what it is! Every moment holds something special if you let it so don’t let your wedding day pass you by without being sure to do the following things.

Things You Will Regret Not Doing on Your Rochester, MN Wedding Day

Get excited, not stressed

Many couples would tell you that they wish they would have spent the morning of their wedding getting excited about the wedding, not stressed out! It’s so easy with everything going on to let yourself get out of control and start thinking about the cake table, your nephew who’s the ring bearer that just couldn’t get the walk down the aisle quite right in rehearsal, or whether or not you’re going to remember how to walk down the aisle yourself! There are so many things that will run through your mind the day of the wedding but just remember to let it go and enjoy. Your wedding day deserves some piece of mind!

Do Your Daily Routine

Your wedding day is likely one of, if not THE biggest day of your life so it can be incredibly difficult to run through your routine like normal. However, it’s so very important that you don’t skip your morning routine! That means waking up at a decent time, eating breakfast, and having the most important cup of coffee in your entire life (you’ll NEED the energy today)! If you rush through your morning you may end up feeling groggy and tired the entire day and it is not a great day to feel less than 100%.

Spend Time With Your Wedding Party

You’re going to be incredibly nervous on the day of your wedding so you’ll definitely want to make sure to spend some time with your friends and family to take your mind off things. Your wedding party will not only help calm you down on a crazy day but will also make the morning of your wedding extremely fun! With all the time and effort you put into your wedding, you deserve to enjoy the day of your wedding!

Take a Breath, Relax

During the wedding itself, it can be incredibly difficult to relax. That’s why it’s important to take some time away with your spouse and just relax. It’ll give you a moment to remember what’s most important on the day of your wedding and just spend time with your new spouse. You’ll be glad you took a small break because trust us, you won’t get one once things are rolling again!

Dance, Dance, Dance!

If you don’t end your wedding day exhausted out of your mind, did you even get married?! Our Rochester, MN wedding DJs are there for a reason, to make sure you can end your wedding day with a bang! You don’t want to spend the last few hours talking to everyone who stopped by, it’s your time to let loose and have fun. Don’t hold back and just be sure to get out and have the best time possible the last few hours of your wedding day.

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