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Complete DJs vs. Wedding Bands


When thinking about music for a wedding, there are of course two major options that are available to you. You could go the classic route and find a band, or find a local Omaha DJ. There are many different opinions on each service’s advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s dig in a bit on why we think hiring a Complete DJs for your wedding is a better choice.

Complete DJs vs. Wedding Bands


First and foremost, let’s focus on your wallet. When paying a band you obviously have to pay more. There’s more equipment and more people to pay than when hiring a DJ. However, DJs tend to be rather affordable since there’s simply just less overhead for a DJ than for a band.

 Quality of Service

When bands are performing, they don’t have the ability to walk away from their equipment and help run your wedding reception. DJs, on the other hand, make sure to go above and beyond when it comes to service. When hiring a Complete DJ you’re also hiring someone to help run the wedding reception. They’ll cater to your needs and requests all night, making the wedding night run much smoother than it ever could with a band. This is the most underrated quality of Complete’s DJs because of how much easier it makes the wedding for each bride and groom.

Music Quality

There’s no denying a band is a very cool part of a wedding. Having live music performed in front of you is a very entertaining quality, and provides for a unique atmosphere. However, it’s also a novelty that wears off very quickly, leaving you with music that is difficult to dance to, and limits you to the only songs that the band knows and can play. When hiring a DJ your music selection grows to being anything you want to hear. Additionally, music that’s recorded in a studio is the most perfect execution of music attempted, and it’s performed by ANY artist. Bands can be cool, but unless you actually book the lineup from the most insane music festival ever, you’re going to have a hard time finding someone to perfectly execute both 80’s disco and Drake in the same night.

Dead Air

There’s a term that is sure to frighten any Complete weddings + events DJ, dead air. Having a few seconds of no music, announcements, or speeches is much more awkward than anyone realizes until it actually happens. When booking a band, there’s dead air between every song since they have to get reset and ready for the next song. Not only does this happen between every song, but bands also need breaks every once in a while, since standing in one place doing the same thing for six hours straight without stopping isn’t necessarily something most people can do very well. This means there’ll be times at your wedding where everything must stop and be put on pause. An odd and very awkward time in the night that provides a perfect opportunity for everyone to leave way too early. With DJs, you can be assured that there won’t be any awkward pauses or breaks in your night, only an awesome night!


Every bride’s nightmare is something going terribly wrong on her wedding day. There are multiple members in a band, a lot of equipment, and the possibility of an off night for the musicians. There are a lot of moving parts, which means that there could potentially be multiple things to go wrong with your band. With DJs, however, there’s little to no chance something goes off the rails since there are such few moving parts. Plus, Complete weddings + events provides a staff of first responders just in case something crazy happens the night of your wedding. When booking Complete, you never have to worry. We’ve got you covered.  


Bands bring a cool element to your wedding, but they also limit your wedding from being the best wedding it can be. So once the unique feeling of having a band wears off during the night, your just left with less potential than a DJ. Going with Complete weddings + events guarantees that your wedding night will be the best it can be! We want to make sure that your wedding is the best night of your entire life! 

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Omaha DJs are artists with music, and that means that they love to add a few extras to enhance the experience that their music brings. Sometimes that is special lighting, HD video screens, or other fun effects. With so many extra options, know what your DJ can provide to make your event one-of-a-kind.

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