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Complete Provides Piece of Mind for Your Wedding

Complete Provides Piece of Mind for Your Wedding


Complete Weddings + Events strives to make both the planning process and your wedding day more than enjoyable. We hope that the day of your wedding is the best day of your life, and are willing do anything to see that through. Our Omaha DJs, photographers, videographers, and even photo booth operators will always be willing to bend over backwards for you on this special day!

Complete Provides Piece of Mind for Your Wedding

Lots of things can happen on the day of your wedding. Life doesn’t stop throwing things at you, and even on the most special day of all, a disaster can strike. Our staff has seen every disaster in the book, and they know what to do when one comes along. Sometimes, in the worst scenarios, you’ll have to call an audible. We know how important peace of mind is during the day of your wedding. We believe it’s one of the most important luxuries our services can offer you.

Our staff is professionally trained on making disastrous wedding situations turn into amazing nights. For example, the following is a true story of a Complete DJ turning a disaster into an amazing reception: Dinner was scheduled for 5:00pm on the night of the wedding. However, the food wasn’t showing up and no one from the company was there to get it ready. So, the caterer was called and the bride and groom found out that the caterer had the wrong date on the calendar for the event. This meant there would be no food from the caterer! The hall manager decided he would get on it and rushed to Hy-Vee to get food for everyone at the wedding.

However, there would be a gap in the timeline between the time dinner was supposed to start, and the time dinner was actually served. So, our Omaha DJ jumped in and called an audible himself. He changed the order of events in a unique and fun way that made the planned-out wedding into an unexpectedly amazing and unpredictable night for the bride, groom, and everyone in attendance. At the end of the night the bride thanked him for making a nightmare situation turn into a dream wedding.

There have been numerous other situations, like a bride being hospitalized for hours, a gas leak the night of the wedding reception, and unexpected illnesses creeping up on both the bride and groom the night of their wedding. These situations called for changes to be made to the night in order for the weddings to remain fun and memorable. In all of those situations our staff came through to deliver amazing wedding nights for both the bride and groom despite the craziness that caused these hurdles.

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These stories are just a few examples of what our Omaha DJs, photographers, and videographers are capable of if an unexpected event were to happen the night of your wedding! We know not everything goes as planned and are prepared to take the unexpected head on. Our staff loves what they do, making your night special. They go above and beyond to make sure that no matter what happens, you’ll have an amazing wedding. We hope we can bring you peace of mind by providing our services to you for your next wedding or event!

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