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Brigit & Cayle's Enchanting Summer Wedding at Falconwood Park

Brigit & Cayle’s Enchanting Summer Wedding at Falconwood Park


In a twist of fate that could only happen in the 21st century, Cayle and Brigit’s story kicked off with an epic UNO showdown at a church event. As college life swept them into its dynamic rhythm, what started as casual connections blossomed into an unbreakable bond. But it wasn’t all fun and games – well, it actually kind of was! Ultimate frisbee and sand volleyball injected a thrilling dose of competition and camaraderie into their lives, creating memories that played on repeat. Fast forward to September 2020, when the universe orchestrated a new twist. Cue the romantic music: Cayle and Brigit officially upgraded their status to “Dating”!

But wait, the best part is yet to come! After two years of laughter and adventures, Cayle set the stage for a proposal that would redefine the phrase “sky-high romance.” Cayle took Brigit on a heart-pounding aerial tour of Omaha, and at an altitude of 3,ooo feet in the air, he popped the question! See the continuation of their love story below as we showcase their enchanting summer wedding at Falconwood Park.


Wedding Colors

Brigit and Cayle’s wedding was a captivating masterpiece that blended the vivacity of pinks, yellows, and oranges, with a dash of invigorating green. Picture a kaleidoscope of hues that danced with joy, creating an ambiance of pure celebration.

The bridesmaids stole the show in pretty pink dresses, embodying elegance and unity. The maid of honor stood out in radiant yellow, a symbol of happiness that illuminated the day. The Groomsmen wore suave gray, punctuated by charismatic pink ties, infusing a touch of playfulness into their attire. Meanwhile, the best man added his sunny charm with a vibrant yellow tie. Together, their ensemble echoed a tale of love painted in rich and lively shades.


Brigit and Cayle’s love story began under the open sky at Falconwood Park. As the scene was set, and love filled the air, adorable flower girls made their way down the aisle and Brigit followed arm in arm with her father. Once the ceremony began, Brigit and Cayle exchanged heartfelt vows that echoed through the rustling leaves. It was a moment frozen in time, as they promised to journey through life hand in hand, facing every twist and turn together.

The ceremony continued with a three-strand unity ceremony. As they intertwined three cords, representing their individual lives entwined with their shared journey and faith, it was a poignant reminder of the strength they’d find in unity. And in that serene haven, amidst the whispers of trees and the embrace of loved ones, Brigit and Cayle embarked on their journey as a married couple, their story forever etched in the memory of Falconwood Park.


The celebration of Brigit and Cayle’s love continued at Falconwood Park and was a true spectacle of joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments. The reception was a whirlwind of delightful surprises, and one that stole the show was the shoe game. Laughter echoed as Brigit and Cayle, back to back, answered fun and quirky questions about each other, revealing the quirks and charms that make their love so special.

And then came the moment everyone had been waiting for – their first dance as newlyweds. As the music swayed through the air, they held each other close, lost in their world of love. The dance floor transformed into their personal paradise, a place where time seemed to stand still as they celebrated the magic of their union.

With every twirl, laugh, and heartfelt glance, Brigit and Cayle’s reception was a testament to the beauty of love shared with family and friends. Falconwood Park provided the perfect backdrop for a night that will forever be etched in their hearts.

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Photography: Jennifer, Complete Weddings + Events

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