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Windy Wedding Weather Tips

Windy Wedding Weather Tips


You can have as much control over your bridal planning as you desire, but the one thing that you can neither predict nor influence is the weather. Since the whole planning process happens months before the big day, it is difficult to forecast the weather conditions for that precise day. So, what to do if you happen to have windy weather at an outdoor wedding venue?

Although you do not desire wind for your union, that does not mean you cannot have a dreamy celebration. In essence, you can do things to avoid uncomfortable situations during the big event. Therefore, there is no room for panic because we have your back!

Omaha Wind Patterns

Omaha, Nebraska, experiences a variety of wind patterns due to its geographical location and the influence of surrounding weather systems. The city’s climate is characterized as continental, with four distinct seasons.

Here’s a general overview of Omaha’s wind patterns to help you better plan your wedding day:


During spring, Omaha can experience variable wind directions as the region transitions from winter to summer. Cold fronts moving through the area can bring gusty winds, particularly in March and April.


Summer winds in Omaha tend to be relatively light and variable. However, during severe weather events such as thunderstorms, strong winds, and even tornadoes can occur, especially in June and July.


Fall is characterized by relatively calm wind patterns, similar to spring. As temperatures cool down, wind speeds may increase slightly, but major wind events are less common.


Winter brings increased chances of strong winds, particularly from the northwest. Cold fronts and low-pressure systems moving through the area can lead to gusty conditions, making winter one of the windier seasons in Omaha, NE.


Think About the Wedding Decor

If you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony, the wind might mess up your decorations. So, you must have a plan B and plan ahead. Namely, you need to consider all the options you have to be able to act quickly. 

The wind can easily disrupt delicate floral arrangements that ornament the venue for the ceremony. You do not want them to be blown away, so consider using vases with low centers for gravity. They will keep your flowers intact, so you will not have floral petals all over the place when you exchange your vows. 

In case you use candles as your bridal decor, you should opt for alternatives if you are having a windy wedding. Not only will you not be able to light the candles due to wind disruption, but you might also cause a potential fire. Therefore, it is better to choose LED lights instead of candles for windy weather. This way, your venue will look miraculous, and you will stay safe.

Re-think the Table Setting

Windy conditions can also disrupt your table setting. You may have planned a beautiful setup of plates, napkins, and tableware. However, there is a possibility that the wind will blow away everything. You do not want your guests to chase the elements of your table setting, so consider other options. 

For instance, you can place the tableware in a separate corner of the venue, so the guests can take what they need conveniently. Even though it might not be what you have dreamed of for your table setup, it will still do the trick. A windy wedding calls for adjustments, so strive to stay flexible.

Alternatives for the Bridal Look

If you are experiencing windy weather on your big day, you might need to change your bridal look. Namely, you will need alternatives if you have planned tight hairstyles. Simply wearing your hair down (or in a loose updo or even half up half down) will make you look dreamy in your bridal photos, and you will not be forced to check on your look every ten minutes. 

Moreover, think about your makeup choices. We do not recommend lip glosses during a windy outdoor wedding ceremony. Your hair can get all sticky, and you will not be able to get it off your face. Therefore, go for dry and matte lipsticks to stay on the safe side.

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Having a windy wedding does not mean that your big day will be ruined. On the contrary, you may get a more romantic ambiance naturally. Just ensure you follow these tips, and you will have the union you have always desired! 

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