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Wedding Lighting Tips and Tricks


Wedding Lighting: Tips and Tricks

Every bride starts planning their wedding by knowing the feeling they want to capture. After hours of research, that vision forms itself into a perfect plan. But turning that plan into reality is something that can sometimes fall flat. Most of the time that wow factor you’re looking for is wedding lighting! Whether you are looking for an elaborate lighting structure like a canopy of twinkle lights, or whether you are surrounding your guests with candlelight during dinner, each lighting choice will add to the ambiance of your event. Even the smallest arrangement of candles can bring in some sparkle that transforms the vibe from dull to luminous. Lighting can also be very cost-effective.

Wedding Lighting: Tips and Tricks…SO MANY OPTIONS


This lighting technique is starting to trend in the wedding industry right now, and for a good reason. The ability to create any design to project onto walls, ceilings, or even floors can really create a big impact. Plus, it’s a very affordable option for most weddings. Images of trees projected against the walls can inspire a magical feel straight from a fairy tale. A spattering of stars projected on the ceiling can let you truly dance under the stars all night. With endless options, this a must-have for your wedding lighting plan.

Twinkle Lights:

Everyone knows about these little gems, but they can do way more than just light up Christmas trees. These workhorses of wedding lighting are affordable and versatile — plus it doesn’t take much to set them up. There are endless ways to incorporate this into your lighting plan. They are perfect for creating a canopy of light over your dance floor, or for stringing down the middle of a table for a luminous centerpiece. No matter how you use them, they are sure to add a romantic shimmer to your space.


No wedding lighting list would be complete without the classic and ever beautiful candlelight. It is easy to see why this is the go-to option for weddings everywhere. From candelabras with tall taper candles to a collection of votives with flickering flames, everyone and everything looks better in the light of a candle. With endless options, this is an easy way to add light and style to your wedding.

Bistro Lights:

There is something magical about little orbs of light strung across space. With a nod to the old European feel, this wedding lighting option feels cozy, informal, and at the same time classy. While twinkle lights give you some sparkle, bistro lights feel more down to earth. Since they look good during the day and when the sun goes down, these are perfect for a summer outdoor wedding.


This wedding lighting option may be the one with the most variety. From a simple floating luminary in a pool to old fashioned lanterns lining a rustic barn, there are many ways to use these to add light to your space. Chinese lanterns strung up around the room can create a playful vibe while lining a walkway with candlelit lanterns can inspire a magical atmosphere. No matter what look you are going for, there is probably a lantern that is perfect for you.




We saved uplighting for last because we feel like it gives you the MOST bang for your buck! So what exactly is uplighting??? Great question! Uplighting is battery powered portable LED lighting that provides a colored glow to your event space!

Uplighting Tips and Tricks…

  • Focus on important areas first! Your cake table, head table, any drapery, or design/decor feature.
  • Pick the right color! Pinks, Blues, and Purples are all very popular hues and if you want something more neutral Amber is for you!!
  • Make sure you have enough lights! We recommend using your guest counts as a guide. If you’re planning for 50 to 100 guests 10 uplights would be a good place to start. 150 to 200 guests, a minimum of 20 would be recommended. To make a greater impact or if you have a large venue, consider doubling the number of uplights to really make the room POP! Uplighting is a great and very cost effective way to “fill” your event space.

For example below are a few picture of the same room with and without uplighting…..WOW!

Here are those popular hues we were talking about….which is your favorite? Amber, Blue. or Blush???

Putting the Elements Together

The best part of wedding lighting is that you can incorporate as many of these elements as you want to make a one-of-a-kind plan that reflects your style. Layering different elements of light will strengthen the overall feel of your space and even help the flow of your event. When you choose which features to use though, be sure to keep in mind the venue. Knowing the ins and outs of your space is critical to a wedding lighting plan. Each lighting element will have its own requirements for power and spacing, so understanding the layout of your venue (including the location of power outlets) will help you create a lighting plan that works. Also, don’t forget to talk with the venue to be sure the elements in your plan are allowed. Some places don’t allow candles, and some have a limited number of outlets available. Communicating and working with your venue makes sure that your wedding lighting is perfect and safe for everyone.

Our Complete Lighting Service

Planning and setting up your own wedding lighting can seem challenging at times, especially if you are new to all the details that you need to think about. This is where your venue can help out. They have hosted lots of weddings, and usually, they know what will work and how to set it up. However, sometimes you may need a bit more than a helping hand. When you need extra help, Complete Weddings + Events is here to lead the way. Our wedding lighting professionals know everything about coming into space and making your vision a reality. In fact, we can even provide you with the lighting rentals you need, so you don’t need to source the different elements yourself. Our team covers everything from set up to tear down!

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