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There are plenty of ways to make your event special – entire corners of the internet are dedicated to the kind of next-level details that can make your party unforgettable! While you might be laser-focused on the goody bags or menu, it’s worth spending some time thinking about the Louisville, KY DJ you plan to hire, too.

A great DJ can get the party started and keep it going as long as your event lasts. Thankfully, finding the perfect Louisville Wedding DJ is easy with Complete Weddings + Events on the job! We’re passionate about connecting people with the right DJ in Louisville, KY – and handling the details so everyone can have fun!

Louisville DJs – Weddings and Events

Party planning requires you to make a number of big decisions, and deciding which DJ to hire is among the most important choices you’ll make. The right event DJ in Louisville, KY can take your celebration from average to fantastic!

When clients come to us for help finding the ideal special event DJ in Louisville, KY, we pledge to find the best professionals to keep the music moving and the dance floor packed from the event from start to finish. Not every disc jockey is a natural at reading the room and selecting the perfect soundtrack, which is why we work so hard to connect you with the best DJs we can find for the job.

DJ Preferences to Consider

Depending on how far you are into the planning process, you’ve likely thought about the kind of soundtrack you’d like for your event. Because every party is different, an all-events DJ in Louisville, KY should be able to build a playlist around a specific vibe for every client. If you’re not sure where to begin when searching for the right DJ, use these bullet points to weigh your options.

  • Setting the mood

The very best DJs know how to read a crowd and give them what they didn’t know they needed. It’s easy to whip out old favorites and get folks dancing for a track or two, but keeping the momentum going is a special talent indeed.

Of course, different DJs have different styles and skills – a corporate event DJ in Louisville, KY will have one set of priorities in mind for their event compared to a wedding and event DJ in Louisville, KY. Decide on the mood you want to create for your event and ask DJs how they’d add to the scene.

  • Experience level

DJs are music lovers, first and foremost. Sometimes, their personal preferences bleed over into their work. At some events, this can be a good thing – introducing guests to new, exciting tracks can energize the mood.

On the other hand, a DJ who plays nothing but obscure electronic music from eastern Europe won’t impress the grandmas who just want to dance to the Electric Slide at your wedding! Ask about a DJ’s experience with your kind of event and gauge their approach to common challenges that many events encounter.

  • Song Request Policies

Requesting songs is fun, but not every DJ is keen on taking requests from party guests. While well-intentioned, such requests may disrupt the flow that the Louisville, KY DJ is trying to create. Make sure you and the DJ you hire are on the same page about song requests. Don’t forget to create a “do not play” list of any songs you don’t want to make an appearance at your event!

  • Event Staff

The person you speak with at a DJ company may not necessarily be the person who shows up to play your event. Control for surprises by asking about who exactly will be working at your party and whether or not they plan to bring support staff. Most DJs work alone, but some opt to bring assistants along to help set up and break down equipment. When deciding on services, make sure you understand exactly who will be manning your event.

  • Logistics

DJ equipment can take up a lot of space. Before you agree to hire any particular DJ, get all the specs: how much space their booth will take up, their electrical needs, and how early they’ll need access to space. The goal is to learn what they need from you to make your night a success.

It’s also a good idea to check in with them about attire – do you prefer the DJ to show up in a uniform, or should they dress to match the formality of the event? All of these aspects are worth discussing!

Event and Wedding DJs Louisville, KY

Our Louisville, KY DJs have everything you need to create an event to remember. Experienced, knowledgeable, and savvy, these professionals are the MVPs of any successful party. Complete Weddings + Events can help you handle the details of hiring and overseeing a DJ’s presence at your wedding or event. You can relax and celebrate knowing you have our team on-site to handle any surprises!

Complete Weddings + Events

The team at Complete Weddings + Events knows the value of good coordination. It’s why we’re so committed to delivering the best Louisville, KY DJ experience possible. Trust us to handle the logistics while you enjoy the efforts of your planning!

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Customer Reviews

“We had an absolutely great experience with complete! We used their DJ services and their Photo Booth. Kristina and Sam were both great and we had so much fun! They kept the party going and were so kind, and made sure we were taken care of all evening. We had multiple guests ask for their names and contact info after the reception, so I know they all enjoyed it too! Thank you so much Complete, Kristina, and Sam!” – Heather M. 

“Anthony was our DJ and was so nice/awesome! He played some great music that fit the mood perfectly and was very accommodating to every request! They made our night so perfect!” – Kiara P.

“Amazing communication, amazing price, great and personable DJ, kept the party going all night! Sam was a joy to have at our wedding and I’ve already recommended to other brides !” – Victoria G. 

“Our DJ Eric was SUPERB! We had Complete cover our corporate event we held, & their DJ as well as their services beforehand were on point! Did everything we wanted or needed or asked of & more, went above & beyond. Couldn’t have asked for a better company to DJ our event! Would definitely definitely use them again!” – Suzie G. 

“Keelan was our DJ and did a fantastic job! He played upbeat, fun music to keep the young crowd dancing but managed to keep it clean for the older crowd. After the older crowd headed out, Keelan checked in with my husband and I on how to change the music a bit for the younger guests!” – Raegan M. 

Areas We Serve

At Complete Weddings + Events, our DJs are proud to serve couples throughout Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas. We are committed to providing exceptional event and wedding DJ services in:

  • Shively, KY
  • Saint Matthews, KY
  • Newburg, KY
  • Lyndon, KY
  • Okolona, KY
  • Highview, KY
  • Fern Creek, KY
  • Jeffersontown, KY
  • Shelbyville, KY

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