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Capturing Candid Moments: Mastering the Art of Natural Wedding Photography

Capturing Candid Moments: Mastering the Art of Natural Wedding Photography 8.21.23

In the realm of wedding photography, there’s a magic that lies in capturing candid moments—the unscripted laughter, stolen glances, and genuine emotions that weave together the story of the day. Natural wedding photography goes beyond posed shots, allowing you to relive the raw and beautiful moments that unfold organically. In this article, we’ll delve into […]

Unveiling Louisville's Finest Wedding Venues: Where Dreams Come True

Unveiling Louisville’s Finest Wedding Venues: Where Dreams Come True 6.20.23

Choosing the perfect wedding venue sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration. In Louisville, Kentucky, you’ll find a plethora of stunning venues that offer unique backdrops and exceptional services to make your special day truly magical. From historic mansions to scenic gardens and modern event spaces, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 wedding […]

Wedding Trends Embrace the Latest To Elevate Your Special Day with Style 6.5.23

Introduction: Your wedding day is an extraordinary occasion that deserves to be infused with the latest trends to make it truly memorable. From breathtaking decor to innovative entertainment ideas, staying updated with the best wedding trends can help you create a celebration that reflects your unique style and personality. In this article, we’ll explore some […]

DJ for my Wedding

Should I Get a DJ for My Wedding? 12.6.22

Visual details take up so much planning effort that many couples forget about the importance of sound and entertainment on their big day. If you’re thinking, ‘Do I really need a DJ for my wedding?’, then we have an honest answer for you!

personalized wedding details

Personalized Wedding Details 8.9.22

When it comes to planning your wedding day, you spend days on end thinking about what it will look like. The details are each handpicked to fit you and your fiance’s taste. With so many areas that play a part in the big day, what are the must-have areas for personalized wedding details?

Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony 5.10.22

The moment you walk down the aisle to meet your better half in front of your favorite people should be a moment to remember! The details of the day can mean something to you and your fiance and help create a ceremony that truly represents each other. Using the scenery, sounds, and maybe some surprises […]

Wedding Planning Timeline: When To Book a Wedding DJ, Photographer & More

Wedding Planning Timeline: When To Book a Wedding DJ, Photographer & More 3.8.22

The whole “first comes love, then comes marriage” statement is missing quite a few steps if you’re wanting to host a wedding to celebrate that marriage! Choosing your venue and selecting vendors doesn’t happen all in a day! (The average couple hires 15 wedding vendors!) There is no exact timing to planning a wedding. However, […]

Planning a wedding with no local family

Planning A Wedding With No Local Family 11.9.21

While group travel may frighten some, others love the chance to bring their favorites together on an adventure in a fun destination! The idea of planning a wedding with no local family or friends may excite some and scare off others. We’re here to let you know this can be a reality. Chatting with the […]

How to Create a Wedding Hashtag

How to Create a Wedding Hashtag 9.13.21

In this increasingly exciting digital world run by social media, it was only a matter of time before it entered the wedding realm. Specifically hashtags. Hashtags are the perfect way to narrow down searches of content on social media. How can this apply to your wedding? Well, you can customize your own specific hashtag that […]

wedding party | wedding planner in Louisville

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner in Louisville? 7.12.21

If you’re a go-getter, host extraordinaire, and party planning perfectionist, planning your own wedding might sound right up your alley! But before you begin tackling this event on your own, it’s smart to consider if you need to hire a wedding planner in Louisville. Knowing everything a wedding planning professional can provide you, might make you […]

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