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Jordan + Derek’s Modern Love Story


The story of Jordan + Derek starts like any modern love story. On a late night in 2018, Jordan + Derek found themselves swiping through profiles on their favorite dating app, Bumble. Two mutual swipes right, and their journey began! After a couple of years of dating and finding much more in common than ever imagined, it was easy for them to make the decision to spend the rest of their lives together.

Jordan herself said,

“Some of our friends and family describe us as being the boy/girl version of the other. We can’t disagree! Our friendship has flourished from our shared interests and similar personalities. We have formed a very comforting and sure love together”.

On June 26th, 2021, Jordan + Derek began the next chapter in their modern love story as a married couple!


The Bride

Their deep faith in God made the St. Patricks Catholic Church a perfect location for their wedding ceremony. On a late afternoon, the church doors swung open to reveal Jordan in her eye-catching dress. Everyone’s heads turned to see the bride as she made her way down the aisle. The dress she wore was a subtle mermaid style. It was covered in a layer of lace that brought a feeling of timeless elegance to it. The back of the dress had buttons running down the curves of her back. The straps were three pieces that started from under her shoulder and met together to form one strap that went over the front of her dress. A moment! Needless to say, she looked like an angel gliding down the aisle.

The Groom

As Derek waited for her at the opposite end of the aisle, Jordan couldn’t help but smile as she thought of all the moments that lead to this one. All the outdoor adventures and late game nights. There he was, her future husband wearing a navy blue suit and a white button-down underneath. He paired it with a champagne patterned tie, along with some greenery as a boutonniere. Coming together to form the perfect groom.

The Wedding Party

The wedding party played off of the colors Derek was wearing. The groomsmen wore the same colors as the groom but inverted. So, their suits were that light tan/champagne color, with navy blue ties underneath. To bring the theme full circle, the bridesmaids also wore different flattering cuts of their dresses that were also navy blue. The attire worn by the wedding party created a cohesive storyline.

After saying “I do”, the newly wedded couple was ready to celebrate this new chapter in their lives. Jordan + Derek ran out of the church to celebrations of bubbles, love, and laughter with their loved ones cheering them on.


To top off the night, the celebrations continued at Havelock Social Hall. This is a classic venue choice for any wedding with a big party. The lights turned down low, and a spotlight faced Jordan + Derek. A slow ballad began playing as It’s Always Been You by Phil Wickham began playing. This is a song about how the love between two people can be the calming force in their lives. In a crazy world, that’s all you could ever want in someone. The Maid of Honor and Bestman made their heartwarming toasts and speeches setting the tone for the rest of the night.

To the new Mr. + Mrs., we are so happy for you and wish you all the love and joy you experienced this day!

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Ceremony: St. Patricks Catholic Church

Reception: Havelock Social Hall

DJ: Lee | Complete Weddings + Events

Photography: Jenny | Complete Weddings + Events

Photo Booth: Sidda | Complete Weddings + Events

Author: Elaine Mukusha

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