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Outside of the Box Wedding Desserts

Outside of the Box Wedding Desserts


Having a cake at your wedding is a long-standing tradition, along with the cutting of the cake. As couples continue to customize their weddings, foregoing certain traditions has become quite common. If you’re looking to do something different and memorable (and maybe cake just isn’t your thing), we’ve compiled some wedding desserts options to try at your own wedding, birthday, or event!


So truthfully, cupcakes aren’t that unique of an idea. Buuuut, don’t underestimate their ability to be a crowd-pleaser. These are common for a reason. Cupcakes are a perfect option for the couple that loves cakes but also doesn’t want to deal with the idea of portioning the perfect sizes for everyone. Cupcakes are also a great option because they allow for a variety of flavors. Why decide on one flavor when you can have multiple!



Who could say no to donuts!? It’s a classic sweet treat that your guests will love you for providing! These can be also fun because of how you can decorate them. The hole allows you to hang them on beautiful donut walls. If your baker allows, ask them to save the donut holes and you can stick syringes in them for bursts of different flavors!


Ah. The American classic! If the idea of having to part ways with your favorite dessert just because it’s your wedding sounds silly to you, look no further! You really can have pie at your wedding! The cutest versions we’ve seen are tiny bite-size pies made for guests. Again, this allows for a variety of flavors and cleanliness. The best of both worlds!



More Wedding Dessert Options

If you’re truly looking for some unique dessert options, go for things people wouldn’t normally go for dessert. Some examples include chocolate candy, cookie sandwiches, a smores bar, and macarons. The options are truly endless! People will truly be happy with anything sweet.


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