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Kearney Wedding Send-Off Ideas


You’ve spent months wedding planning and picking out the perfect details, color palettes, outfits, and decorations. All to spend the rest of your life with your favorite person on earth. That kind of dedication and love not only deserves a grand celebration but also a grand exit. Make a statement with these fun wedding send-off ideas!

Ceremony Wedding Send-Off

Imagine this, you and your fiance have just exchanged vows, hand in hand, and sealed it all with a kiss. Now you’re running back up the aisle as a newly wedded couple. What makes that moment even more magical? A wedding ceremony send-off. Here are some fun wedding ceremony send-off ideas for you!

Blow Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles? There’s something so innocently cute about them. This is a zero mess, adorable wedding send-off. It creates some playful photos when you and your fiance make your way back up the aisle.

Set Off Smoke Bombs

When you and your fiance give that final kiss, have your wedding party ready to pull off some smoke bombs. These are always fun because you could have them match your wedding theme and colors. They also look great in pictures.

Final Wedding Send-off

After spending a full day and night celebrating you and your fiance, it deserves a memorable ending to send you and your fiance home. Here are some ideas for your final and grand wedding send-off!


If you and your fiance love a good Star Wars reference, lightsabers would be so fun. Pass out some light sabers amongst your guests and have them wave them as you walk down their created path. You could even have them create an arch by pointing them towards each other above your heads.

Wave Glow Sticks

If lightsabers are a little too on the nose of a reference for you, opt for glow sticks instead. Glow sticks will still produce colorful photos of your grand wedding send-off. They also come in packs of large quantities, so all of your guests are more likely to get to participate in that final photo.

Other Wedding Send-Off Ideas

These include both ceremony and grand finale wedding exits:

  • Throwing Flower Petals
  • Ringing Wedding Bells
  • Throwing Confetti Or Streamers
  • Lighting Sparklers
  • A Cold Sparks Show
  • Have A Firework Show
  • Phone Flashes
  • Drive Away In A Vintage Car

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