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Wedding Day Superstitions


Weddings have been a central event in brides’ life since humanity introduced them. Thus, it is only natural that there are thousands of beliefs and superstitions across cultures and ages. Some of these wedding day superstitions are very popular even nowadays!

If someone drops the rings – they will die

Starting with a bang, a scary one, right? There is a centuries-old warning that if someone drops a ring or rings at the wedding, they will be next to die. This is a superstition that covers anyone, regardless of the role at the ceremony! Naturally, this is NOT true, but just in case, please double-check how well are the rings secured. Better safe than sorry!

Wearing a veil over your face

One of the most popular wedding superstitions among ancient Greeks, and still sticks in the nuptial world to this day; is wearing a veil to cover your face! For ancient Greeks, the veil was a protective element that would shield the bride from curses and hexes. Who would throw curses, you ask? Jealous witches and evil spirits of course!

So, if you have been eyeing someone who wishes to steal your happiness, you ought to consider wearing a veil to obscure your face. Once you do this, their vexes will be gone! Even though it is not true, you got to love the symbolism.

See him through the ring

Another fun wedding day superstition takes place before the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. She has to have her engagement ring taken off her finger and ready to spot her love from afar, through the ring, with one eye (yes, much like a professional sniper) before he sees her. The legend says that this will keep the man in her ‘reign’!

Bridal bouquet superstition

By the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride throws the bridal bouquet over her shoulders, and all the single ladies wait for it to fall into their hands. The one that grabs it, is the one that will be a bride next. This is as widespread as the groom carrying the bride in his arms when they enter their home.

There is also a tradition for the lucky girl who will catch the bridal bouquet to hang it upside down above her entrance door. It is based on the wedding superstition that the first man (outside of the family members), who will pass beneath the hanging bridal bouquet; will be the lucky one to marry her. 

Carrying the bride over the threshold

Back in medieval European times, people believed evil spirits could enter through the bride’s feet, so the groom would carry the bride into their new home. By the groom picking up the bride, she was showing he would always protect and support her. This also symbolizes the groom sweeping the bride off her feet and into a new life with him.

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