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KC wedding photos

Gold, Games, & Glee • Madi + Luke’s KC Wedding Photos 3.29.23

Madi and Luke’s KC wedding is one of the most chill bridal celebrations you will ever see. This couple opted for distinctiveness, authenticity, and ultimate uniqueness. Their union completely captured their personalities, and it was definitely one of a kind! The lovely couple wanted to have a night they get to spend with their loved […]

Cheers champagne at engagement session

Don’t Skip On An Engagement Session 3.22.23

If you’re still looking to nail down your wedding photographer, don’t forget to make sure they can schedule an engagement session with you and your fiance. Why do we highly recommend adding an engagement session with your chosen photographer? Let us explain!

TikTok Wedding Songs

Top TikTok Wedding Songs To Play on Your Big Day 3.14.23

When it comes to weddings, the music is the most important aspect, apart from flair, ambiance, and decor that brings the whole event together. It sets the tone for the celebration as you walk down the aisle to the first dance and finally the departure as newlyweds. But with so many modern chart toppers and […]

wedding shower games

Wedding Shower Games 3.8.23

Wedding showers are a moment to breathe in between planning your wedding and your engagement. This is a great way for your guests to meet each other for the first time before your big day. The big question is, how do you keep your guests entertained? Whether you’re planning on having the party for just […]

Unique Wedding Photo Booth Props in Kansas City

Unique Wedding Photo Booth Props in Kansas City 2.28.23

While your photographer will be busy taking candid shots of you as a couple, have you thought about how your guests can be entertained? Among the variety of options you have or will be presented, creating a photo booth is one of the most fun and unique ones you can employ. Regarding wedding photo booth […]

unique wedding dessert

How To Adapt Dietary Restrictions At Your Wedding? 2.21.23

Do you want to be remembered as the best host on your big day? One way to do that is to learn about their dietary restrictions and consider them when making the menu for your bridal celebration. However, this can be challenging to pull off and might cost you a little more. So, here are […]

ring bearer

Ring Bearers Who Completely Stole Our Hearts 2.13.23

Ring bearers, traditionally young boys, are responsible for carrying the wedding rings down the aisle (before the bride and flower girl walk down) during the ceremony. Whether you’re looking for outfit inspiration, fun ideas to personalize his entrance, or simply want to click through sweet photos of adorable attendants, you’ll find that there are plenty […]

Zach and Tatum Bowery Wedding

Zach + Tatum • Wedding at The Bowery 2.8.23

Tatum and Zach had their wedding at The Bowery in Kansas City which was the perfect spot for these two. The Bowery offers indoor and outdoor event spaces with exclusive scenery. It also has three different and unique bars and access to a bridal loft and groom’s suite. There’s no doubt Tatum and Zach were […]

Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas 1.31.23

Planning to propose to the person you love can make you both excited and anxious. The very act of proposal needs to be as unique and memorable as possible because it will be the moment you and your partner will remember forever! Valentine’s Day (February 14th) is often looked at as the perfect moment to […]

bride and groom

The Top “Do Not Play” Wedding Songs 1.25.23

If you’re creating a list of songs you would like played for your big day, it means that you’ve more than likely handled all the big planning parts and you’ve come to the fun details. While this is your day, and you may have a lot of favorite songs, you need to be careful with […]

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