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Wedding Reception Dances

Fun Group Wedding Reception Dances


Not sure how the evening will play out during the reception? Don’t worry! Our DJs have TONS of ice breakers to get your wedding guests to the dance floor. These are the tricks to get people on the dance floor to stay. When booking a DJ with Complete Wedding + Events KC, be sure to mention if you are worried about the liveliness of your wedding guests. In the meantime, check out our top 10 favorite wedding reception dances and songs!

“Cha Cha Slide” – DJ Casper

The “Cha Cha Slide” is oftentimes one person’s favorite wedding song while it can simultaneously be another person’s most hated wedding song. However, if your guest list is one that you think might dance to this, trust us when we say they absolutely WILL dance to this song! It’s a tried and true ice breaker song that is clean, fun, and everyone can dance to.

“Cupid Shuffle” – Cupid

Just like “Cha Cha Slide”, “The Cupid Shuffle” is an absolute wedding staple and most people either hate or love the song. It’s a clean song that can get everyone up to dance without insulting or offending anyone at the wedding and is an absolute crowd-pleaser.

“Electric Slide” – Marcia Griffiths

The electric slide is a popular group song because it is set to the disco music Electric Boogie. This type of music is sure to get people up and dancing. Although the choreography was released in the ’70s, even the young guests will know exactly what to do.

“Wobble” – V.I.C.

This line dance song is a great late-night song that still fits the category of being a line dance. Often times with this one the DJ might come out and teach it to get people going but once everybody’s in rhythm and knows what they’re doing it’s smooth sailing from there! The Wobble is a great hit to start the late-night songs off and then we can go into some other fun songs either in the Top 40s, 2000’s Hip/Hop, or today’s Hip/Hop.

“C’mon N’ Ride It” – Quad City DJ’s

This song is easily recognizable and a great way to keep your guests dancing all night long. Although the dance is harder to follow along with than some, the upbeat nature of the song will make it easy to follow one of your guests who knows what to do.

“Macarena” – Los Del Rio

The Macarena is one of the most popular wedding line dance songs out there. This track is sure to be a hit because of its quick tempo and sing-along opportunities. Not to mention, dancing to this song is super easy!

“Crank That” – Soulja Boy

Crank That by Soulja Boy is such a fun song to play especially if many of your friends grew up dancing to this during Jr. High or High School dances. This is one of the best late-night wedding reception dances that, just like “Jump on It”, most people know right away how to dance to!

“The Git Up” – Blanco Brown

This song by Blanco Brown makes for a great wedding group line dance opportunity. Don’t worry too much about the dance moves. Make The Git Up whatever you want it to be!

“Twist and Shout” – The Beatles

Name a better song to pay homage to the greatest rockers of all time. This song is filled with rock ‘n’ roll dance moves that will liven up any crowd. This Beatles hit is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

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