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Wedding Morning Planning Getting Ready with Mom

Waking up to your Wedding Day: Wedding Morning Planning


We all have our typical getting ready routine, but on your wedding day, many factors may make it difficult to execute your traditional morning ritual. The morning of your wedding, someone else might be doing your hair or makeup, you may be staying at a hotel and your childhood home, and you most likely will just be greeted/photographed/questioned 45 times while you’re trying to get ready. #Distractions

Set your intention ahead of time for a beautiful, purposeful wedding morning! Think through your morning agenda ahead of time, and have someone you trust help you with making a schedule. This could be a parent, a member of the wedding party, a host couple, or a personal attendant. Ideally, if they’re available on the day-of, have them share the schedule with your wedding party and keep time on the morning activities. You can then ignore clocks and avoid rushing, but also not be late. Brilliant.


Wedding Morning Planning

Alarm Clock

Work with your photographer to decide how much time you’ll need for wedding pictures if you’re doing them before your wedding ceremony. Then, think backward from there planning for a first look, putting your wedding dress or suit on, and ultimately what time you need to wake up to be ready for it all! Can someone say coffee ASAP?!

Example Wedding Morning Schedule (with 2 pm ceremony)

  • 7:30 am Alarm!
  • 7:45 am Shower, Breakfast, Coffee, Commute (if needed)
  • 9:00 am Bride’s Hair & Makeup
  • 10:30 am Final Getting Ready Photos (including putting the dress/suit on)
  • 11:00 am First Look
  • 12:00 pm Lunch & Wedding Party Photos
  • 1:00 pm Family Photos
  • 2:00 pm Wedding Ceremony

Breakfast Wedding Morning Planning

Some say it’s the most important meal of the day. We just say it’s not a good idea to skip it on your wedding day. Schedule someone to deliver you a filling protein shake, egg white sandwich, or spinach omelet! Juice Paradise, JuiceBox, JuiceTap… the smoothie and protein shake options are endless around Jacksonville, but no, mimosas alone don’t count here!

Sleeping Accommodations

Where will you sleeping the night before and the night of your wedding? If you’ll need to pack a bag, be sure to figure out who can check-in and deliver your things to your hotel room or suite. Make sure those room access keys get back to you or your partner as well!


Navigate through the logistics of every location you’ll be at. From the rehearsal dinner, to your hair appointment, to your photo op destinations, how are you handling transportation? It might be best to just leave your car at home or the hotel so you have it in the morning. In case of emergency: Taxi, Uber, Lyft, or Best Man! 🙂

Staying focused on enjoying time with those around you that morning will result in more memorable moments. Let conversation keep your mind at ease or your favorite song might help you shake off any jitters. Incorporate things that you know you’ll enjoy during the morning of your wedding (think music, meditation, or a certain meal) to make it that much more special. Getting ready is half the fun, so make it count!

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