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Wedding Contingency Plans

Wedding Contingency Plans


Planning the perfect day is exciting, rewarding, and an overall fun experience. The one thing that is NOT FUN is rain, snow, and unexpected hiccups in the plan! Picture this, you have planned a beautiful wedding and the weather decides not to cooperate. What is your backup plan? There are many different ways to go about planning backup plans. Here are few tips to consider when creating Wedding Contingency Plans!

The most effective way to create a contingency plan is to find out all the possible outcomes of a wedding. Check the forecast for weather, make sure that the weather is not too hot and not too cold! I know for a fact that you do not want to be standing up for your ceremony in front of everyone in 95-degree heat. You don’t want that, and your guests certainly don’t want that. 


Wedding Contingency Plans


Create a safe zone! If having an outdoor wedding is important to you, then create a solid contingency plan. Create a safe zone for you and all your guests. There are a lot of reasons to rent out a tent. You can utilize a tent for a lot of different reasons! There are several different kinds of tents to choose from, like a clear-top tent. These types of tents can be very beneficial and create an amazing atmosphere! But, remember, you will need to make sure the weather will cooperate with you because the clear tent would provide no shade. 

If you plan on having a summer wedding, prepare a contingency plan the creates opportunities for guests to sit in the shade. If you decide to have your wedding during spring, keep this in mind! Spring showers bring May flower, make sure you have something over the top of you and your guests. This is one way to ensure outdoor wedding success.


If your venue has an outdoor ceremony space, make sure to check in with the venue. In most cases, venues already have a contingency plan set up for you, just in case. This is a very helpful reminder when picking out a venue. Ask yourself the question of whether or not the weather will have a major effect on my wedding. The second question you can ask is whether or not the venue has a backup plan for you.


Parallel Planning is something that I find very helpful when planning a wedding! This method of planning allows no room for error. You will create a backup plan for any foreseeable issues. Parallel planning creates opportunities to catch slip ups fast. If something were to go array, you have an immediate backup plan. This is one way to create an easy and stress-free day.

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