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How to Ensure Comfortability for your Wedding Guests

How to Ensure Comfortability for your Wedding Guests


If you were to ask a bride, “what are your concerns regarding your wedding?”. I can guarantee that 80% of brides would say something along the lines of, “I just want my guests to be on the dance floor” or “I just want my guests to have a great time!” These are all valid concerns! When thinking about who to invite, there are several important people going through the couples mind! Who to invite? Who can I invite per my budget? Where should I seat everyone? Couples spend a lot of money making sure every detail is aligned with their vision of a perfect day! Here are ways couples can How to Ensure Comfortability for their Wedding Guests in Indianapolis, and in return, set their wedding up for success.

How to Ensure Comfortability for your Wedding Guests in Indianapolis?

Out of town guests

There are traditional ways to create a special experience for your out-of-town guests! A traditional way of taking care of your guests is by creating a care package. When thinking about creating packages for people, personalize it the best you can, while staying within your budget! Creating a care package that is catered to the city you in, is a great way to make your guests feel valued. You can set it up in their hotel room and allow them to be blown away by your hospitality!

These care packages can include:

  • A map of the “Best Eats in Town”
  • Bakery or special drinks from local restaurants
  • Chocolates or Favorite Candy

There are also non-traditional ways of welcoming out-of-town guests. Try an itinerary hang tag! This way, when your guests are wearing it, they know exactly what the weekend will entail. It will also be a fun way for your guests to feel important and know that the couple was thinking of them.

How make guests comfortable during COVID-19

Especially now, people are nervous being in large crowds. This makes it very difficult for brides during the planning process. There are many NEW bullet points to consider when planning a wedding during COVID. That being said, there are ways to create a safe environment and still have fun! One way is to buy colorful bands. These bands will wrap around a guest’s wrist and the color of the rubber band will notify people of their comfortability level.

Here is an example:

Now… for ALL guests attending the wedding!!

There are several different ways to go about making guests comfortable at weddings. I think we can all agree that special beverages are always a great way to start a party! Try having a fun bride and groom drink. This will not only generate excitement, but it will also generate conversation between your guests! It will give them something to talk about!

The second way is creating new ways for interaction. Perhaps, photo booth, DJ? Sign me up!! Booking a photobooth for your wedding is beneficial in many ways! It creates an activity for your guests to do, and it will create long-lasting memories! Photo booth is an excellent way for guests to feel more at ease and comfortable while attending a wedding. Now, hiring a good DJ is a game-changer. Dj’s are the glue keeping the reception together! They create the atmosphere and can bring a party to life! Check out our new service called Complete Interactive. This is a great way to get your guests involved and having a good time! So when you are planning your wedding remember how important having a good DJ is.

The third way is to create care baskets for the bathroom. You can fill these baskets with hygiene products! This allows guests to feel comfortable and stress-free while around so many people.

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