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small wedding houston Tips for Trimming Your Wedding Guest List

Tips for Trimming Your Wedding Guest List


If you’ve been planning your wedding around the pandemic and all of the constantly changing situations, we’re sorry and we’re with you! There are many new things to consider when planning. One of the biggest is limitations on guest counts at venues. Many brides that were planning to have large weddings have had to greatly scale back! While things are still looking positive for the future with larger gatherings being allowed, we’ve got some helpful ideas on how to trim your wedding guest list!


Tips for Trimming Your Wedding Guest List

Smaller doesn’t have to mean worse

If you’re one of the brides who was planning a huge wedding with a couple of hundred guests, we’re sorry! Having a smaller or micro wedding isn’t so bad though! We have seen plenty of absolutely beautiful and still remarkable smaller weddings. Now you can just potentially splurge a little more on the vendors you use if you’re budget hasn’t been affected! The main thing to remember is that the day is about marrying the love of your life! Plenty of times we get caught up in planning the party and others’ enjoyment. Just remember that it is about you and your new spouse, and the commitment you’re making.

Check limitations

Many brides have unfortunately been told their guest count number due to regulations. Depending on your location and venue size, you might be limited to as low as 25-30 guests. Your venue may be able to move the entire event or parts of the event to an outdoor area to increase the allowed number of guests.

Be open with guests

Especially if you have had to uninvite guests to a postponed wedding, explain the situation clearly! Everyone is in the same boat so most should understand. Let them know that if covid hadn’t been happening, you would have liked for everyone to be able to come! If dealing with older family or guests, let them know it is for everyone’s safety. At-risk or elder guests may opt not to come on their own due to safety concerns either during the event or while traveling.

Trim that list

The first and easiest place to start (and potentially cut off a large chunk) is eliminating plus ones. It’s not ideal but you’re invited guest should understand you need the room for family and/or close friends and their plus one shouldn’t mind. The next easiest step is one we’ve talked about already but older or at-risk guests. You want everyone to stay safe and healthy. You don’t want to ask them to put themselves in a potentially dangerous position while traveling or during the wedding in the first place. Finally, consider your actual relationship with the person. If you haven’t spoken to them or seen them recently or in a while, they might be okay with not coming.

Other alternatives

Some guests might just not be able to come due to other circumstances such as a lost job due to the pandemic or having children and not being able to or wanting to travel. There are plenty of options to involve everyone you want to, even if they’re not physically there on your big day. Live-streaming your wedding is a great option so that invited guests from anywhere can see the ceremony or reception. Many couples who are having trouble cutting their list are having small weddings with just immediate family to not have to choose between friends. They are then having a small gathering to celebrate with friends at a different time so no one feels left out.

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