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Bridal Robes To Get Ready In


First of all, there is very little in this world that is more comfy than a nice robe! Whether it’s right after a shower, after getting out of bed in the morning, or just laying around on a lazy afternoon, it has become a staple of luxury and relaxation. Robes can also be pretty dang fashionable and kind of look good on everyone. It’s also something that you can use over and over again daily if desired. For these reasons, bridal robes have also become a huge trend for brides and their bridesmaids while prepping on the big day!

Bridal Robes To Get Ready In Options

The options are nearly endless for styles, materials, and colors! Many places even give you an option to monogram the robes while you buy them with initials or nicknames or any other fun things you can think of! It also could be cheaper to buy the robes you want and get them monogrammed locally! This also generally lets you do more detailed designs such as custom logos, or emblems.


This could be decided based on the location or time of the year! If it’s during the winter season and might be a little chilly, then you might want to spring for long robes to keep those legs warm. If your date is during the spring or summer, or maybe you want to take some outside photos with your bridesmaids, then the short is probably the better option! Another popular trend that we have seen has been kimono-style robes. These are generally silk and often feature elaborate details. In Japanese culture, kimonos are primarily worn during special occasions, which makes it fitting for a wedding. Including a hood on the garment has also been a common feature we have seen among robes coming out!


When dealing with colors the options really are almost endless! You can do all matching robes or the same style robe in all different colors. Solid colors are just the start. There are so many amazing and fun prints to choose from that you can really customize it to fit any personality or theme that you have set! Add in the color of the monogram for even more customization for your day.


The most popular materials are cotton, fleece, satin, or silk. Cotton and fleece robes are super soft and generally more of a spa-style robe to relax in comfort and definitely provide more warmth than satin or silk. Silk or satin robes are much lighter and thinner for lounging around and definitely perfect for hot, summer Houston weather! Satin/silk robes are generally more expensive and harder to take care of, so not generally for daily use.

Some of Our Favorites

One of Complete Houston’s owners, Kerith, happens to be a little bit obsessed with robes! Here are some of our picks on favorite bridal robes for you and your bridesmaids or just to treat yourself!

  • Gravity Blankets Weighted Robe – This one could be especially useful for any brides who are planning on some real anxiety on their big day!
  • Weezie Robes – Offers monogram through their site, custom length sleeves for fitting everyone.
  • The Knot Shop – Lots of cheaper options and able to monogram through their site.
  • Target – Lots of styles relatively cheap!
  • Etsy – So many styles and customization options! Can find something to fit any budget and style.

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