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What Are Some Wedding Party Photo Ideas?


Lots of pictures will be taken of you and your wedding party on your wedding day. You took the time to choose who will be standing by your side on your wedding day, so why not take the time to think about the kind of pictures you want with them? Our photographers in Grand Forks, ND have shot many weddings and have compiled some of our favorite wedding party photos.

The Morning Of…

On the beginning parts of your wedding day, they are usually spent getting ready with your chosen wedding party. Whether you have bridesmaids or groomsmen, our Grand Forks wedding photographers have some ideas for some pictures you may want with them.

Getting Ready

Some of our favorite images include bridesmaids helping the bride with the finishing touches on her dress. One of them includes putting the veil on, or the bridesmaids sitting around the bride and fanning out her trail and veil. These shots work really well if they have dramatic lengths.

Groomsmen and the groom also have some cool shots their Grand Forks wedding photographer can shoot. While they get ready, casual shots of them putting on ties or bowties, cufflinks, and throwing that jacket on top will go a long way. There’s something about those getting ready photos that create classic photos to set the tone for the rest of a wedding day album.

Pop Some Bubbly

One of the things that go well with celebrations is drinks! Have mimosas, beers, or mocktails for you and your wedding party. They make for some fun pictures. Especially when you pop open a champagne bottle!

After The Ceremony

If you’re planning on not seeing your other half until the ceremony, then you’re also probably planning on getting photos with the whole wedding party after. You can even have these photos taken prior to the ceremony to have more time with your guests during the reception!

Through The Tunnel

A personal favorite is to have the newly wedded couple walk through a makeshift tunnel. Your wedding party stands on opposite sides and creates an arch with their hands. You and your fiance then walk through and it creates some really unique shots.

Use The Scenery

If you happen to be having an indoor ceremony and venue, and they just happen to have a stunning interior, use it to your advantage! You can get some classic pictures by having them stand/sit somewhere with some cool furniture or backdrop.

Blur in Motion

One of the more unique photos we’ve seen is a blur in motion. When you and your fiance are together, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one in the room as the world races past you. This kind of picture visually captures that feeling. Have your wedding party run around you and your fiance as you two stand still in the middle. The turnout is worth a thousand words.

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We hope this list of wedding party photos will get you to a good start for your wedding day. Let your photographer know of any images you’d like to try and bounce off some ideas with them! Contact us if you’re still looking for services to complete your wedding day!

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