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Choosing the Perfect Song for Your Grand Forks Wedding Video


Your wedding day is a precious milestone filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments. Among the many decisions you’ll make for your special day, choosing the perfect wedding video song can truly enhance the emotions and memories captured on film. Keep reading as we discuss tips when it comes to choosing the perfect song for your Grand Forks wedding video.

Choosing the Perfect Song for Your Grand Forks Wedding Video

The right music sets the tone, amplifying the beauty of your day and encapsulating the essence of your love story. First, think of the feelings you want to remember every time you watch your wedding video. Then, think of a specific song that may have significance to you and your fiancé. Keep reading as we discuss different vibes and some popular wedding video song examples to help you find the perfect soundtrack for your wedding film.


For a carefree vibe, consider songs with light melodies and playful lyrics. “Celebrate” by Tim Halperin is a spirited choice that radiates positivity and celebration. Its upbeat tempo and catchy rhythm will add a sense of whimsy and excitement to your wedding video, capturing the carefree spirit of your special day.


To convey sheer bliss and euphoria, choose songs that exude energy and excitement. “If We Run” by Mike Mains & The Branches is an infectious anthem that will have everyone dancing and smiling. Its vibrant rhythm and catchy hooks capture the ecstatic joy of love and celebration, making it an ideal choice for your wedding video.


Happiness is at the heart of every wedding, and your song should reflect the sheer joy and elation of your special day. “Let Forever Begin” by Tyler Brown Williams is a cheerful anthem that celebrates the beginning of a new chapter. Its uplifting melody and heartfelt lyrics will evoke feelings of warmth and happiness, creating a beautiful soundtrack for your wedding video.


Love is the central theme of your wedding, and your song should reflect the depth and beauty of your emotions. “Can I Have the Day With You feat. Michelle” by Sam Ock is a romantic ballad that speaks to the timeless nature of love. Its soul-stirring lyrics and haunting melody capture the essence of commitment and devotion, making it a poignant choice for your wedding video.


For a serene and tranquil vibe, choose songs with gentle instrumentation and soothing vocals. “Love You Right Instrumental” by We Lepers is a tender declaration of love that radiates warmth and sincerity. Its heartfelt melody and melodic simplicity create a sense of peace and contentment, perfectly complementing the intimate moments shared between you and your partner.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Song for Your Wedding Video in Grand Forks, ND

When selecting the perfect song for your wedding video, it’s essential to consider copyrighted music. While using your favorite trending song may seem appealing, it often comes with additional costs and licensing fees. It’s important to choose music that not only resonates with you but also fits within your budget and legal parameters.

Many artists and composers offer royalty-free music options that are both affordable and easily accessible. Music library websites like Musicbed or Soundstripe allow you to find the perfect soundtrack for your wedding video without breaking the bank.

In the symphony of your wedding day, every note and lyric weaves into the fabric of your memories. As the camera captures each smile and tender glance, the soundtrack of your love story should resonate with the same authenticity and depth. Here are some additional things to consider when selecting that quintessential tune for your wedding video.


When choosing your song, think about how it will age over the years. Will it stand the test of time? Opt for music that not only reflects the current moment but also promises to be just as meaningful when you celebrate your silver anniversary.

Lyrics that Speak to You:

Pay close attention to the lyrics. They should echo the sentiments of your relationship and the journey you’ve embarked upon together. Whether it’s a verse that recalls your first date or the chorus that played when you got engaged, the words should be significant to your shared narrative.

Harmony with the Visuals:

Consider how the song flows with the visuals of your video. Does it complement the pacing of the edits and the movement within the shots? A harmonious match between sight and sound will elevate the viewing experience, transporting you back to those cherished moments.

Personal vs. Universal:

Decide whether you want a song that is uniquely personal to your relationship or one with a universal appeal that resonates with others as well. There’s something special about a tune that’s yours alone, but also consider how a widely appreciated song might connect with family and friends who share in your celebration.

Cultural Significance:

For many couples, incorporating a piece of their heritage through music is a beautiful way to honor their backgrounds. If this resonates with you, selecting a song that reflects your culture could add a layer of richness and identity to your wedding video.

The Emotional Arc:

Much like your wedding day, your video will have an emotional arc. Choose a song that mirrors this progression—from the anticipation of getting ready to the joy of the first dance. The right music can enhance the emotional impact of these chapters in your story.

Collaboration with Your Videographer:

Finally, work closely with your videographer. They’re the experts in crafting a visual narrative and will have valuable insights into the type of music that complements their style of filming. Their experience with pacing, mood, and storytelling can guide you to a selection that’s not just a song but an integral part of your wedding story.

As you deliberate on the perfect melody for your wedding video, remember that this choice is another brushstroke in the masterpiece of your day. Let it be a reflection of who you are as a couple and the love that you share. With these considerations in mind, you’ll find the perfect accompaniment to the visual retelling of your wedding—a song that not only captures the joy of the day but also the promise of all the days to come.

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