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A successful party is like a great vacation – fun, memorable, and worth all the planning! The DJ at your party? They’re like the cruise director, setting the tone, catering to your needs, and keeping everyone entertained. While it’s true that both vacation and event planning requires a fair share of prep work, the experienced Complete Weddings + Events team makes it easy. Let us steer you in the right direction to find the perfect Fargo DJ for your event, so you’ll have more free time to enjoy your planning efforts and the actual party!

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Choosing Your Next Wedding DJs in Fargo

When you’re looking for an all events DJ in Fargo, there are a few things to keep in mind. Finding a local Fargo DJ that not only knows the area but each of the venues is key. At Complete Weddings + Events our DJs are known around town, working with many of the venue managers every weekend. They’re equipped with state of the art sound gear and make sure you or your guest of honor are the focus of the event. Your event requires a special event DJ who is an expert at keeping the party energy up, which is why we offer DJs with the freshest playlists and a finger on the pulse of trendy and classic music for all. And, finally, the best DJs can handle any event — weddings, corporate events, or parties — with an equally killer soundtrack and emcee style. Find a Fargo event DJ who can do any of them and you’ve found a jack of all plays.

The Best DJ for the Best Event

Complete Weddings + Events understand there’s no one-size-fits-all event, and we enjoy the challenge of creating a unique event in Fargo for our clients. Whether you want a sweet wedding playlist, a party blowout, or a more low-key professional soundtrack, we have a Fargo event DJ equipped to handle each event with creativity and attention to detail. Our DJs are also available to DJ and emcee your fundraiser, school dance, Bat or Bar mitzvah, and more.

Complete Interactive

Complete Weddings + Events offers Complete Interactive, fun, fresh activities to get all your wedding guests involved! For each custom interactive wedding experience, we use online platforms and digital interaction to level-up your wedding reception with a couple questionnaire, trivia, song selection poll, and social media wall. Learn more about Complete Interactive to see what sets Complete Weddings + Events DJs in Fargo apart!


Questions for Wedding DJs in Fargo

Deciding on your perfect event DJ means asking specific questions. We’ve simplified this for you with our list of tried-and-true questions that can help you figure out what you want to prioritize when choosing your Fargo DJ:

  • What kind of events do you DJ?

Not every event DJ does weddings, and not every wedding DJ does events. However, great DJs have done a little of everything at one point or another. You want to be sure that your DJ has experience with many different kinds of people and events. The ability to thrive in many different scenarios is a sign of great skill and talent —  which is just what you are looking for.

  • How do you get a crowd excited?

Excitement means different things to different people in different settings. Some events need lots of excitement and energy, others require a low key approach. No matter what you are looking for, your DJ needs to be comfortable with building energy in a variety of environments.

  • How do you handle song requests?

Any event you plan is sure to have some song requests from the guests that range from country pop to classic rock. So how does your DJ handle this? Our Fargo DJs are comfortable making a call about a song request as long as you want them to! Our online event planner helps you list your top picks for music and your do-not-plays. This way you won’t hear an unwanted surprise song at your event.

  • Who will be there and do you have a backup?

Many larger special event DJ companies have lots of DJs who work for them, and sometimes you aren’t going to know who you get. Not everyone likes a surprise, especially on the day of a big event. At Complete Weddings + Events we put you in touch with your DJ and go the extra mile to get you a backup plan in case any unexpected problems crop up along the way.

  • What other services do you offer?

Music is typically a DJ’s central star offering, but you never know what else they can bring to the table. Consider asking if they offer special lighting, HD video screens, or other fun effects that set their DJ experience apart. Knowing what the DJ can do will help make your event one-of-a-kind.


Complete Weddings + Events is here to find you the Fargo event DJ that is a perfect fit for your event. With professional sound and expert coordination, we guarantee an event that no one will forget. Contact us to chat more about our other options, too. We can help you plan your photography, videography, and even fun photo booth rental to make your event epic.

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