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Renso, Florida Wedding Videographer

Why I love being a videographer

My aunt always had the shutter rolling as I was growing up. I loved to be in front of the camera and got used to it as my daily routine. My favorite thing about videography as I grew older was that I can make funny videos with friends from the comfort of my house, all on my own time.

The general curiosity remained in the back of my mind until I wanted to return to school and further improve those skills. Studying film theory gave me a well-rounded understanding of the significance of film and video in our culture. It allowed me to think critically about the film tropes, and I wanted to continue following it.

Making fun videos took the edge off of having a “normal” corporate job. — It was a delicate balance. But from time to time, I focused on video projects on the side too.  I still looked for fun projects where I can work. I could take part in all aspects of the projects, which can be exciting and enriching.

What I love most about videography

I am incredibly proud to be a wedding videographer. I enjoy all about it-from video graphics artistic elements to wedding shooting. Over the years, I’ve heard the stories of several different people, and it’s always an honor.

Couples have unique elements in their story. We are all distinct as individuals. So, that makes love story of any couple special.  (Which is beautiful!) It’s my dream to be able to film and bring together their story in a way that will take away their breath every time it’s watched.

Filming weddings video

Filming is something of a precondition for becoming a wedding videographer. The thing is, though, I wouldn’t say I liked filming when I started on my wedding video journey. As I reflect, the reason for that is because, in the early years, I wasn’t very good at it. Though I have grown in confidence and skill, the recording aspect with all of its challenges and rewards has become the best thing in my process of making wedding films.  I often say it’s funny to be a wedding videographer because you know you do a good job but you do not get the satisfaction until well after the wedding when the clients call and to tell you how happy they are.  It is unfortunate that I do not get to see the tears of joy on their face.

Editing weddings video

Editing has always been my first affection and the primary reason I got into the wedding picture. I am delighted to say all these years later, and I still love it. If only I had to film and edit as a Fort Lauderdale wedding videographer then, I think I would have the perfect work.

After the wedding

My favorite part after the wedding day has always been getting in the car at the end of the day, heading back home. No, this isn’t because I did not like being at the wedding. It is just a real satisfaction of having achieved something, having dealt with all the unavoidable challenges of the day (traffic, time, constraints at the church, etc.) but coming out the other side with all of the footage I need to make an amazing movie, and the sensation of somebody’s wedding video getting valuable cargo on board.


There are so many elements, including length, specifics, and sound, that deal with being a Fort Lauderdale wedding videographer.  The concept can hurt your brain when you think about it.  You only get a couple seconds to capture everybody’s attention and explain a lot of detailed information. But I see higher engagement when I do it right, and I create a deeper relationship with my couple and their families.

Among the most important tasks to do when a wedding video is focusing on customizing the edit for the client’s experience.  Your videos need to be engaging, creative, and the best Fort Lauderdale wedding movies incorporate all of the emotion of the day.

Its high-fives all round when I get that email or phone call (usually an email) from a bride or groom (usually a bride!) to say how much they love my work.


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