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Growing up watching the classic masters of television and film David always knew this was the world he belonged in. His obsession with storytelling and the arts began as far back as his memory spans, his greatest inspiration is love because love is what we all look for in life and is so funny that weddings just so happen to be about love.

David attended the Art Institute in Ft Lauderdale, majoring in Film and Video production he graduated in 2010. Shortly after graduating, he worked in commercial productions that included professional athletes such as Phil Davis and Cain Valasquez.

Why I love being a videographer

One thing I always loved to do is create. Either creating passion projects as a teenager, doing some patching in my room to stop somethings from falling apart, or making a wooden table for coursework in high school, I love creating. I don’t just want to create a burning desire, but I also enjoy a great story. I’m especially drawn to dramatic stories and those that emotionally connect with me and also make me think.

So, being a Fort Lauderdale Wedding Videographer, it gives me the ability to give people the same feeling I get when watching a great movie or documentary, except it’s their business tale. My clients’ positive feedback about how much they love makes me so happy and honored to do what I do.

On rare occasions, couples want to have more than one videographer at their wedding.  That means I mostly film all on my own.  I love the challenge of arriving on locations before the venue is filled with people.  I joke that I get to the ceremony while everybody is still sleep in their bed. I’ve always thought any piece of work that I do would cause an emotion in the audience, regardless of whether it’s a still or a video.

Tips I keep in mind with Fort Lauderdale Wedding Videography

  • I don’t rely on post-production video editing to fix problems; post-production is for enhancements, not setting.
  • Film more video than you need; it is always better to have extra content than to need to go back and reshoot.
  • Keep the camera steady, ideally.
  • I ensure there is enough natural light in the video.
  • Make sure the entire shot and the background isn’t detracting from the focus.
  • And lastly, using an external microphone for crisp audio.

I do believe the combination of social and digital media has allowed me to reach large audiences and get input from people in real-time. This gives me a fresh new creative insight for creating new emotional content.

I found that most of the tourists or travel videos followed the same scheme and lacked some warmth. I enjoy traveling, and I felt I should start applying my new outlook to destinations around the world. It ‘s essential that the final output triggers new emotions and allows viewers to find places they didn’t know about.

Being a wedding videographer

What do you mean by a Fort Lauderdale Wedding Videographer?  There are so many reasons why you could have a wedding attractive to the destination. Couples may have an opportunity to visit somewhere they’ve never been to. Or perhaps excuses having a smaller wedding just with close friends and family. It may be the lure of guaranteed sunshine, which appeals depending on the location. To me, waking up on a honeymoon sounds pretty good! I love destination weddings and, whatever your reasons.

My style is emotive, natural, and a nice dash of cinematic flair to make you connect is your wedding film. I want to make you cry (in the best way possible), laugh and relive the day exactly how it happened.

I will be there from start to finish, and I want to capture the day as it progresses and also the parts you will have missed. As previously named “A silent assassin’ by a bride, fits well as I don’t want to interrupt the moment. When you sit down with your family and friends to watch your film for the first time, I want it to be an experience that puts you back in time with every single emotion.

One of the blessings I find in the Fort Lauderdale wedding videography business is to witness love before my eyes.

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