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Ways to Include Parents in your Wedding


Giving parents a grand entrance at the wedding can be a tricky subject but with a little creativity, this can include beauty and joyful movement to your big day. Well, here the more out-of-the-box ideas the better. Parents are the most special part of a family and they definitely owe a fantastic inclusion at the wedding. Well though most parents have inclusion in every part in the process of the wedding the tradition of giving grand entry to parents at a wedding can drive some couples insane. Let’s explore some creative ideas to give you a piece of hearts the joyful entrance they deserve.

Ways to Include Parents in your Wedding

Honoring them

The best and heart-touching way of including parents is by honoring a family tradition and conducting it at the wedding. This will not only display your connection to your parents but to your ancestry base. It will also be a lovely moment to add and capture to your wedding stories. To further this you can also include something to honor your family members who are no longer with you like including a family heirloom or a representative of family history in the overall wedding decoration of your wedding look. This will make your parents smile with joy and it will also be interesting and new for those attending the wedding.

Ask them to dance

What other beautiful way than to encourage your parents to perform or showcase their talent at your wedding. Maybe ask your parents to sing, dance or prepare a speech for the event. Just give your parents the limelight at the wedding, after all, it is also a big day for them. Or may you plan a whole family dance performance or sing together. Anything that can add up to the lovely memory band is a blessing.

Join you at the aisle

In most weddings, only a few people join the bride and groom in the aisle, as it is the most celebrated part of the wedding and due to the design of the space it can only accommodate a few people. But it’s your wedding you can change anything, making your parents join you at the aisle can be a special and delightful moment.

Add vows for your parents

Adding vows for a family in addition to the bride and groom can be another way to give your parents a unique appearance at the wedding. Marriages are bonds of two families, including your parents in the vow for life can be an amazing idea.

Switch the role

Switching gender roles can be another option where instead of the father the mother walks the bride down the aisle or maybe includes both parents. Including parents throughout the wedding, the event is a real owner. You can also give them the chance to be an official witness at the signing.  Moreover, including parents in the preparation of a wedding can give them joyful smiles and make your memories worth a fortune.

Separate photoshoot for your parents

Conducting a photoshoot only for the parents is also a wise way to give your parents the attention and love they deserve. Giving your parents the leverage and privacy of posing and getting included in the major parts of the wedding stories and videos.

Well including your parents in your wedding is an overwhelming and a big responsibility indeed. It can definitely be a difficult situation for the couple. But thanks to recent years many couples have inspired us with amazing, creative, and lovely ways to include parents in the wedding. The couple should try to include their parents from day one by that I mean from the start of preparation that is from dress selection to deciding venue and food to the actual day of the wedding. The most beautiful moments need the presence of the most special people in your life.

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