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Video Editing Styles


Many of our clients want to know the difference between cinematic and documentary wedding video editing styles. In fact, most clients think that having a long video means it’s going to be a good video and you get your “money’s worth”.  Some clients will even make the statement that they want the longest video possible. This blog will help explain the different edit styles and why the longest video may not necessarily be the best thing.

Video Editing Styles

We don’t want to provide videos based on time but rather on the experience you want to have.  If you want to see your entire wedding ceremony, your full first dance, or the full duration of your cake cutting then should choose a documentary wedding video edit.  If you include these things in their entirety, then inherently this is going to be a long video.  If your ceremony is 30 minutes long, then this portion of your documentary wedding video edit will also be 30 minutes long.

If you do not want to see your full ceremony, choose a highlight version that shows the best parts of your ceremony. A highlight video edit style will show the getting ready, cake cutting, first dance, etc. Highlight videos truly capture your day in the most emotional way with music, overdubbed vows, and an artistic take on your wedding day then the only way to receive such a package is to choose a cinematic wedding video edit.

Documentary Wedding Video Edit

Documentary wedding videos (or sometimes called feature wedding videos) are longer in length and still incorporate those upbeat moments. However, they are interwoven with more intimate moments throughout the day. If you want to see your entire wedding ceremony or your entire first dance, the documentary-style wedding video edit is for you.


  • Simply put, it’s longer.
  • It incorporates your moments in their entirety.
  • Documentary wedding videos incorporate all of the same stunning and upbeat footage a highlight film would include but interwoven with the priceless little moments in-between.


  • Because they are longer and include more video coverage, audio coverage, and post-production, these documentary wedding videos tend to be pricier.
  • Documentary videos can be harder to share because of their length.
  • Not everyone wants the intimate moments of their day captured on film, or likes audio in their videos, we get it! Highlight films are perfect for our more camera-shy couples.

Cinematic Wedding Video Edit

Cinematic wedding videos (sometimes called feature wedding highlights or teasers) give the editor artistic freedom to create a unique and emotional video.  When we create a cinematic edit we have a “non-linear” approach which means your events will not necessarily be in sequential order.  Our goal is to take you on an emotional roller coaster.


  • Our editors pick the best moments of each activity.
  • We hand-pick the best songs to help tell your story.
  • Our cinematic videos can easily be shared via YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and other Social Media platforms.


  • Because it’s shorter, some clients feel the cost should be lower.
  • Cinematic do not typically contain large portions of the general dancing at the reception.
  • Some couples want to see their full ceremony.
  • Your parents are used to the Documentary version and may not like the cinematic.

Just like every aspect of your wedding day, choosing the style of video edit is a personal choice.  There is no wrong decision, as long as you make an informed one.  We’ve incorporated both styles of wedding video editing in this blog.  Take a look and choose the one that you feel is best for you.

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