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Reasons To Have A Weekday Wedding


The year is reaching its end and the recent rise in the Coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of couples to postpone their original wedding date.  This means Saturdays are becoming more scarce for weddings. Although this may seem like a huge disappointment, it’s not! Turn your Saturday wedding into Monday Soiree or even Wednesday Getaway. It used to be unheard of that weddings are scheduled during the weekday but there’s a lot of advantages that come with having a weekday wedding.

Reasons To Have A Weekday Wedding


While Saturday is the day that most couples plan their wedding, it’s also the most expensive. Weekday weddings allow for more discounts and offers. The reason is because of supply and demand. Weekdays are not as popular so choosing a weekday is much easier for those who are working with a budget.

Save money on travel, hotels, and airfare for your guests. Some accommodations have a maximum capacity limit, especially with the COVID-19 restrictions. Weekday rates are lower than weekends and this leaves great potential on booking flights as well.


Many weddings are postponed due to the pandemic. Booking a venue is usually the hardest part of wedding planning and finding the perfect location that’s available on the weekend is even harder. Luckily, weekday weddings don’t have the same problem. Many venues and vendors have extreme flexibility on the weekdays as opposed to finding a date that accommodates everyone.

Cut down the list of invited guests. Weekend dates work best for those who have a Monday to Friday work schedule. However, many of us are working from home now and maybe more people can attend without disrupting their work.


While some argue that weekday weddings are boring and not normal, others choose this route to celebrate with their closest and dearest people in the world. This gives couples a low-key atmosphere with minimal guests. Since weekday weddings aren’t that popular, there’s no competition which means there’s less chance that your guest will receive many invitations for the same day.

Another way to celebrate is on the holidays which fall on weekdays. This is a great excuse and theme to combine your favorite holidays and festive activities.

Longer Celebrations

Having a wedding on Monday means having another party on Tuesday or Wednesday. Weekday weddings are a great excuse to have a week-long celebration. Stretch the fun with cocktail parties, brunches, or casual get-togethers. Like they say; you’ll only get married once, so why not make the most of it?


If you choose to have a destination wedding, why not leave straight from the altar to your honeymoon. This is another great way to save money especially for couples who don’t have the time for a long honeymoon. Certain venues offer the same services and luxuries as any getaway resort but are much closer to home. Also, you have cheaper and flexible travel options.

Some couples have come up with great ideas for honeymoons such as road trips or cruises that are much shorter than the traditional 2 or 3-week vacation.

If you’re looking for something unique, you can’t go wrong with a weekday wedding. Some of the benefits of this type of wedding offer you more choices, availability, intimate settings, and save you tons of money. While the fate of the pandemic is left uncertain, your wedding day is not so here’s to weekday celebrations!

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