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Five Rules for a Modern Wedding Without Sacrificing Tradition


If you’re someone who enjoys a touch of modern, but would rather no veto completely the whole traditional thing-then we’ve got just the tips for you! Trust us, they’re super easy to follow!

1. Choose a traditional venue, and run free with florals.

When you choose a venue with so much heritage, you can run free with the florals to infuse a moody, unexpected, classic with a twist vibe that is all  you!

2. Go for subtle tones with a pop of color.

You can refrain from too much color in the petals — to allow the colors of the flower’s details to show through. Encourage your florist to mix mostly all neutrals with one stong statement flower or color within your theme.

3. Balance the simplicity of the venue with wild, asymmetrical arrangements.

Create something rebellious yet respectful of the venue– go wild and crazy because the natural aesthetic of the place is already stately. It makes things warmer and more inviting when there is balance, a certain rawness of imperfection is needed. 

4. Choose a classic color palette that will never go out of style.

As far as the color palette for the linens–keep in classic as much as possible. Trends come and go, but keeping a classic color palette is timeless. For example, a rich navy blue and using the rich texture of velvet brings me back to the southern and old colonial days of using velvet in their homes. Then add touches of modern elements through details like the flatware and plates.

5. Add personal touches in unique ways.

When you choose a location that seems to have boundaries because 1000’s of people have had events there before you, you can trespass those boundaries by adding unique and personal touches like your absolute favorite flowers in ways they’ve never been done before — whether bought from the store or picked from the grounds yourself, arranged by someone else or by you!

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