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🤣 Hilarious Reaction: 👰‍ Bride’s Wedding Gown Fiasco on Judge Ross – Lawsuit Alert!” ⚖️


I am taking a look at a video from Judge Ross, if I remember correctly, seems to me to be a bunch of bulls**t. I believe they are all actors in there and they are just reenacting some things that happen in a courtroom as far as like a court case and then they’re like, okay, well, let’s go ahead and write a script based on what is put into the docket or into the proceedings.

I watched a few of them and I’m like, wait, why does everybody look attractive? Number one, number two, why are these cases so far-fetched? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

🤣 Hilarious Reaction: 👰‍ Bride’s Wedding Gown Fiasco on Judge Ross – Lawsuit Alert!” ⚖️

I watched one case if it’s judge Ross, where the dude actually went on TV.

This is a TV court show allegedly hired a hooker and so he sued her. He was like, no, I wanted to get hooked on it. She didn’t hook me. She just held my hand and I wanted to get hooked. And so now I’m suing her because she didn’t provide the services that she promised and this made it all the way to TV….. to TV.

So let’s go ahead and rock this judge Ross. Every court show that I saw allegedly it is fake in the show. I’ve never seen anybody that doesn’t come into that place. Perfect. Everybody is attractive. There isn’t anybody who is ugly.

Opens, you’re suing Miss Hazel. You want five thousand dollars because the situation didn’t go quite as planned with her wedding. We look at everybody in the audience, man. Not a single person is unattractive.

Your honor, I’m a classy business woman. I’m a classy business woman and leaves a lot to be desired. You’re suing this person for defaming you for leaving bad comments online. Then you go on TV and the first thing you say is I’m classy and she’s a hood rat.

Like what is wrong with you? She was provided with a gown for her wedding that cost over six thousand dollars. And she expects to give back nothing in return. What are you talking about? What was the contract?

Well, wait a minute. You gave her a gown valued at over six thousand dollars because? Your competition asked people to send in their story as to why they deserve the gown. All right, and you participated in this.

Yes, Your Honor, I did. So what was your story that caused you to win? Well, you see, my husband, he has been on vacation, if you will. He’s incarcerated? He’s been on a mandated vacation by the courts.

Why do you say vacation?

Why don’t you just say he spent time in custody? I mean, because it’s not something. She’s not truthful. She doesn’t like to tell the truth. How about you stop interrupting? I’m proud of Your Honor.

It’s not something we want to celebrate, but we did want to celebrate his freedom. What you did to my dress, I’m not proud of that either. Let her talk. Let him talk. He asked her a question. When it comes down to her dress, I won that contest fair and square.

Yes, she did. So what was it about your story? What did you say? Then my husband was on vacation. Well, my husband, he was away. I was pregnant with his child at the time. What was it that he had done in terms of this crime?

Well, he was a thief, you know, in his younger years, and it just caught up to him. Oh, Your Honor. He’s it. Stop interrupting. Shut up. You read the story and were you the person that selected her? Yes, you’re on There you go.

There was something about the fact that she was pregnant and he was in jail. Mm -hmm thievery and arson Well, your honor arson thievery and arson. What was that? Arbery is that he was then it was found that he was falsely charged Okay, stop He only hit a couple licks your honor So according to urban dictionary dictionary to hit a lick means that you are going to or have already gained money or something worth money or value most likely illegally or Stealing so if I’m understanding you miss defendant if I’m understanding this correctly you are saying that he only Stole a couple times.

Is that what you’re saying? Hit a couple licks He only stole did some illegal way of coming up a couple times He either only robbed somebody a couple times. He only either pickpocketed somebody a couple times.

He only only That’s the key word. He only did this a couple times So thank you for the clarification the person that only hits a couple licks. They don’t deserve to be in jail he worked at this local gas station in our community and His boss was trying to fire him Craig Friday you got fired on your day off of stealing boxes.

You know stealing boxes fuck. She’s a lie What is she like? I don’t have a reason because I never said that I gave you a six thousand I don’t have a reason to like you came up. I didn’t come up. I didn’t come up at all.

I didn’t come up at all with your I didn’t come up at all with your Oh, there you go There you go, there you go, that’s true. It’s similar to winning the powerball right the state of florida doesn’t come back to you like hey you owe me some stuff because i gave you all this powerball money so you owe me something you owe me a facebook post or you need to throw me up on tiktok you need to do something i’m the state of florida and i just gave you 13 million dollars i gave that to you no state of florida you didn’t give me anything i won this money fair and square i picked the numbers and you liked those numbers and so now i don’t want to hear any of your mouth i got that fair and square right pretty much the same thing if you’re a winner you’re a winner is what it is excuse me mrs ratchet hey you just called her mrs ratchet he’s laughing though judge is laughing i just think you’re going to say hey so wait wait i need to take it there i will please believe Exactly.

You can’t be doing that. I’m sorry. It kind of is. It kind of is right now. Professional, but she… Focus on what I’m saying. She insulted me. You’re talking. I’m so sorry. Wow. You know, again, I’m not saying that she’s ratchet, but in my dealings with humans over my lifespan, anybody when they are corrected by somebody of authority that they know they can’t really clap back, one of the things that they do is they go like this.

And I say that because I saw this sometime. I can’t remember where I saw this. I’m so sorry. Can’t remember where I saw that. You said we don’t get down. Who’s weed? You were talking about something.

I’m sorry. That was just my alter ego. Sometimes I get a little, you know, flustered that she attacked me verbally. Well, you were saying we don’t get down like that. Who’s weed that you’re referring to?

Her and her other personalities. Keep it real. She is giving her the death stare. Boy, she’s giving her that Highlander. I’m a you stare. What? That is crazy. Look at that stare. And this is why I’m pretty sure because even judge math is he lets it go a little bit, but he doesn’t let this get out of control or five minutes in and they’re just coming in on each other.

You don’t let that fly, man

And so that’s why I keep saying that this is a scripted show. It’s not really a true court show. Didn’t say it already, but this is fair use. I want to include my daughter into my wedding.

My daughter was seven months old by the time it was time for me to get married. I wanted her to be a part of my wedding. She wasn’t old enough or big enough to walk yet to be my flower girl. So I’m a very religious woman, you know, and I asked God to just give me a vision of how I can include my daughter on this special day.

And so because you’re a very religious woman, you marry a guy that hits a couple of licks and you have these alter egos that give the deaths there. We don’t so which one of your alter egos is the religious person and because of that we got a vision and how Your daughter is going to be incorporated which she’s a lot incorporated doesn’t say again We need to see this contract and this other lady keeps on interrupting It’s like if you don’t shut up you’re going to be kicked out of the courtroom.

That’s what he should be saying Thank you Vision in my dream. It was a very very very vivid clear vision in my dream on how I could include my daughter So the dream included my beautiful gown created for me yes, and Me including a pocket on the train So my daughter can safely sit in it and I could actually pull her with me as we’re going together in this commitment Journey with my husband.

So you had a dream of a kangaroo dress Hahahaha Are you telling me that you attached the baby to the train of the dress? Yes. Oh. Yeah, I know. She was very safe. She was safe and secure because you could see that.

Good back there. All right. Good. Okay. I’m gonna keep on walking. Hopefully, you don’t fall out the back there while I’m walking forward. Not paying attention to you because I’m looking at my future husband as I walk down the aisle, but now I gotta, you know, you okay?

You good? Okay. You good? Yep. One step. You good? You good? One step. You good? You good? One step. You good? You good? One step. You good? You good? One step. You good? You good? One step. Stupid as …

She was awake. Oh, wait, wait. She was awake. So it makes it all better. Part of the agreement was that I would be able to get good publicity from her film plus images. People want to see the front and back side of a wedding dress.

Women don’t choose a wedding dress based just on the front image. They like to see all around the dress. If the back doesn’t look right, they won’t buy it. Okay, but does the contract say you can’t alter it?

Once she altered the dress … My baby is beautiful. Once she altered the dress and put this contraption that made a mockery out of my design. It was no longer my design. So I can’t use those images or her story.

So I’ve basically given $6 ,000 away. Well, I mean, does your contract doesn’t say that? Your Honor, I have pictures. Let me see the pictures. Come on, let’s see these photos. Let’s see these photos.

Five feet just like me

Five feet just like me. Five feet just like me. So I have it near the middle towards me so it could be more secure. It’s a joke. I might bottom heavy a little bit. It’s a complete joke.

Bottom heavy? What do you mean bottom heavy? Yes, thank you. It’s a beautiful feeling. So you actually put the baby at the bottom of the train. Mm -hmm. Who does that? I guess she does that. Your Honor, first thing is that it’s completely unsafe.

I got so many followers on Instagram after that. You’ve been tweeting me for my design. My design. I got so much publicity. So much. This is all, I’m sorry, I still believe this is fake. You put the dress with the baby on your Instagram.

All of it, I’m very proud of my creation, my beautiful daughter on my beautiful dress. And you had already planned on having people photograph this. That was part of the agreement we had. So they were already there.

We had local press there. We had this right story to interview her after, to take pictures. I held my part of the agreement. So what you thought was going to be very positive became… You can’t alter the dress.

If you didn’t say it, then it doesn’t matter. But you put that value on there though. Who put that value? That’s a value you made up You don’t happen for that Saying that people and they use your Handle yes, and can you say my company’s a joke?

I’m here trying to expand my my line and it’s being brought down like if I’d known that it would have But there’s your fault. We’ll get a better contract Your fault your fault your fault Yeah, I know he’s gonna he’s gonna side with the defendant Everybody be quiet everybody Mm -hmm and that God spoke to you he did in my dream And so when you started seeing all these negative responses, what did you think?

I mean, there’s gonna be some people who don’t understand your vision You’re not supposed to understand my vision your honor, but at the end of the day, it was my wedding Come on dude where you’re in an agreement with someone what does the agreement say about how this is going to be promoted Okay, why didn’t you let miss Tobin Snow?

That’s a good point. Well, we had already finished our business. She done so The business was not just you getting the dress the business was you then She could take all of that that is an interesting point might have to eat a little bit of crow and maybe because there is an Understanding that we’re going to be using this to publicize my creation.

So you won this and at the wedding, we’re going to do this and this. And so because of that, when I give you this dress, you don’t get to make any alterations to it. So it does make some sense to me.

I am not only gifting you this dress, but I am going to be spending this money to promote. And I expect it to be presented as it was given. And you understood that we were going to use this to market.

You are not marketing what I gave you. So that makes sense. And turn it into more business. So if you do something to alter her plans and you don’t give her the common courtesy of letting her know that, you’re so busy talking to her.

You won it what?

Exactly. I am, sir. And you are completely clueless about how that would leave her feeling. And yet you claim to be this woman of faith. That’s a good point, too. I am. But how are your faith and what you’re saying is inconsistent?

How? Because you’re not taking into account the other person’s perspective that got you to the wedding and the gown that you look so fabulous in. Do unto others stop talking in the contract that said I could not alter my dress Was the only okay I’m saying stop.

You see me saying stop You keep talking. Yeah, and when you keep talking when I say stop, you know what you’re saying? Well, you just keep talking you still talking you talking now see I’ll say something else Oh It’s never going to end well for you if the judge does this And it’s going to end even worse for you if the judge does that and you do this That simple gesture can be considered contempt of court Did you sign a contract with she entered online and the contract wasn’t in line?

You have to click that you agree to get a copy of that. I don’t know. Oh my god. Are you serious drop? She’s out. She’s out She’s done. Let’s go. Gotta go. You better roll. The gavel is going to come down in favor of the defendant She said one thing the contract didn’t say she can alter the I Don’t have proof You are absolutely right and having said that your matters dismissed case closed You know what I want to do I want to take that crow and I’m gonna throw that strap Because I ate crow for no reason.

I was right the first time contract didn’t say anything and please Any vendors out there that are listening and watching me first? Thank you. Appreciate that second be tight enough with the company that you don’t have to sue somebody third If you have to sue somebody and your day in court comes, please Contract If you have emails bring the emails if you have text messages bring the text messages bring the phone Typically in small claims you won’t be able to use the phone but bring printouts of those text messages bring whatever that you did together all of that typically in circuit court that would be called discovery all of your discovery everything bring it to the court judge Ross he kicked Hazel out typically if you get kicked out of court the next step is you lose your case two reasons first because the judge doesn’t like your second because you’re not there to answer any questions and it’s your fault because he gave you the opportunity to stay there but you wanted to run your mouth you wanted to do something to get kicked out well you kicked out now i want to ask you a question oh you’re not there so only thing i can do is assume what i assume he did all that he kicked her out and you still lost because yeah your honor you know what i didn’t do i didn’t bring the one thing that would prove that she wasn’t allowed to alter the dress which let me think what is that thing called a contract you didn’t bring the contract the one thing that is the meeting of the mind the offer and acceptance and acceptance I’ve said it many many many many times.

It’s not like this was a surprise It wasn’t like oh man, I’m going to work and then you get a phone call. Hello. Hello. Hello. What I need to go to court Right now. Okay, I’ll be right there and he run the court.

No This is TV court TV court is even longer of a process So what typically happens is one of two things one you call up the hotline. Hey judge Ross I got this ratchet girl that altered my dress and put her baby in the back Yeah, she put a baby in the back of my dress and altered it that wasn’t part of the contract Oh, we’re gonna put you on the show.

Okay win in six months Okay, cool click and then you’re good to go six months later You have your TV show or the other process is that you file your case in Small claims courts then you serve that defendant you get a process server or sheriff or whatever and knock on the door Open up You’ve been served or they disguised as a pizza man.

Hey, are you hazel the ratchet baby? Kangaroo dress girl and she’s like, hi, I am hazel the ratchet kangaroo dress girl. Well, here’s your pizza I didn’t order pizza. Oh, you’re right. You’ve been served and from the time you file until the case actually happens Then typically one of those court shows will reach out to you So what will happen is you’ll get a phone call from Judge Ross and it’ll be like, hello Hi, is this the ratchet kangaroo dress girl?

Yes, it is. I am the ratchet kangaroo dress girl How may I assist you? Well, I’m with Judge Ross and I would like for you to come on our court show And if you win, then you get all the money But if you lose then you have to pay a percentage of that money, so it’s not the full amount So whoo -hoo, it’s a win -win for you ratchet kangaroo dress lady.

Huh? That’s not a bad idea Let’s go on judge Ross because I’m a spiritual person and I want to be on TV Great We will set this for six months from now and then you hang up the phone to click then you have your date So you have plenty of time?

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